How Punjabi wedding take place in Punjab


Punjabis square measure easy nonetheless fun-loving people that believe expressing their feeling with enjoyment. Almost like their nature, their weddings replicate their life philosophy. Punjabi weddings square measure colorful, loud, generally over the

Highest, fun fulls of a lot of opportunities for singing and performing arts one’s heart out. Punjabi weddings could also be smooth or lavish. However, they guarantee unlimited fun and celebration. A bunch of pre and post-wedding rituals create a Punjabi wedding an extended and gratifying affair.

Although Punjabis don’t miss a chance to form merry, their weddings show their propensity towards adhering to recent age traditions, albeit with a standard twist to them generally. From elaborate lehengas to the clamant baratis, the ‘dance until you drop’ Sangeet to the amiable and warmly-welcoming host, a Punjabi wedding is loved a real roller-coaster.

“Punjabi Hindu weddings are loud and indulgent.” Really? This can be a typical perception that the planet has concerning them. However, I even have a distinct read. The square measure they a fun-loving race? Affirmative, yet, therefore, the square measure most folks. Solely that they’re in all probability a bit more expressive than a number of the different Indian ethnic races, I will be able to discuss their wedding rituals to ascertain my purpose.

The ethnically unmoving culture of geographical region mesmerizes the state through its ancient essence. This culture echoes the spirit of the colourful geographic region also as defines the cultural soil that has christened geographical area with a soul of quality. The customs and traditions that square measure followed in Punjab geographical square measure geographical region geographic region are soaked in a very sturdy concoction of Punjabi Culture. Be it non-secular ceremonies, pattern occasions, ancient celebrations and plenty of a lot of adding to the list; this spirited state sets the whole nation on a ride over the enriched roots of geographical region.


Punjab is outlined at its cultural best, once it involves the celebrations of weddings and wedding ceremonies. This state has continuously been in style for its spirited traditions and culture that binds individuals in brotherhood and unity. The food, rituals, dress, dance and plenty of such recreation aspects square measure richly followed during this state that boosts up the ‘life’ of this state. The usual wedding rituals of {punjab|Punjab|geographical square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are divided into three classes, namely; pre-wedding which incorporates Takha, Rokha, Mangni, Sagai, Sangeet, and Mehendi, that comprise the most wedding. Another aspect of a Punjabi wedding includes pheres and kanyadaan. However the fun doesn’t stop there, and a typical Punjabi wedding ends with a grand reception and a tearful vidaai, wherever the bride is distributed off to her new home.

Style and apparel

The wedding day apparel begins with donning ivory and red coloured twenty-one bangles that is taken into account as a symbolic and pattern range on every arm portion. Historically woven, ethnically decorated and adorned with golden and silver satin threads, sequins, stones, and severe Zari work, the varied lehenga cholis and salwar suits are seen in bright and bright colours of inexperienced or red and is donned by the bride on at the moment.

Along with the apparel, maang tika, serious churas and bangles, gold anklets and a red and gold colored odhna’ square measure the accompaniments that square measure accustomed glamorize the general look. Grooms dress in Sherwanis and formal silk suits, that square measure adorned with delicate zari work and ancient motifs. Together with the apparel, the groom conjointly wears AN finely designed turban that is centrally decorated with jewellery. Serious and chunky gold jewellery and loud form up square measure the most highlights of a proud and grand Punjabi wedding.

Present Day situation

Today’s advanced day and age have introduced innovative transformations and creativeness within the fields of favor, fashion and culture as a full. Though the standard ways that within which a wedding is well-known square measure still identical to a reasonable extent, however, a great deal of flexibility has entered into the planet of traditions, that have inhabited the otherwise elongated traditions and customs.

For instance, today brides choose the number of old bangles that square measure to be worn on the marriage day; therefore it’s entirely her discretion. The cholis worn by the brides are available different|completely different} designs and styles which too with different materials. As so much because the makeup thinks about, the brides have started following the ‘less is more’ mantra, and that they don’t do the eyes or lips. A definite quantity of subtlety has surfaced within the Punjabi wedding. Same is witnessed concerning wedding souvenirs. You can find different designs of Customized Hand Fans on the ladies almost as a compliment to their dressing. However, the essential crux of the rituals and overall vogue stay luxurious and zip but extraordinary.


But those as mentioned earlier and done, the Punjabis square measure explicit concerning upholding their tradition and that they try and follow most the old wedding rituals to a T., there’s no pause there for anyone. Even the Punjabi immigrants in Great Britain, the US, North American nation or different Western countries don’t relax rules for his or her western-educated kids once it involves a wedding. These days, however, Punjab

Weddings supply the most potent glimpse of the fusion of oriental and occidental values, practices and traditions.

Moreover, films like Dilwale Dulhaniya autoimmune disease Jayenge, Mere father ki Maruti and a bunch of different Hindi movies have projected Punjabi Hindu Weddings in a very method that nowadays, Punjabi weddings became similar with ‘Indian’ weddings. I mean, that’s however the planet sometimes sees it, and Punjabi weddings (Hindu) became trendy everywhere the world.

Today, we tend to square measure all accustomed operating in an organized manner and hopefully having this list in your hand can assist you to stay track on the proceedings throughout the marriage of your son/daughter or your wedding!

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