Great Secrets Of A Wedding DJ


In a wedding ceremony, there are essentials to spice up the occasion, and one of them is the DJ. Providing assorted kinds of music for the guests present at the ceremony requires an individual skill that is different and unique from other DJs. Below, we provide you with some strategies to learn the secrets that some DJs use to keep the dance floor alive.

A Great Percentage Of Guests Should Know The Music 

A good DJ should play the music that most people are conversant with. A piece of less popular music might not get the guests rocking to the song, thereby creating a dull atmosphere, in what should be a fun moment.

The Style Of Music Has To Be Changing

A phenomenon where the wedding guests request for songs is the last thing a DJ would want. To prevent this, Lancaster wedding DJs tend to arrange their music library long before the occasion, to avoid complaints from guests, and maintain a critical mass.

Calling Up Guests During The Parents Dance

One or two minutes of a daughter dancing with her Dad might seem to be taking too long. However, a pro DJ can seek permission from the bride to call up guests to the floor. This makes the dance floor crowded, thereby cutting the tension and creating a room to get the action started.

Starting With A Fast Music Is Not A Brilliant Idea 

When the formal dance is over, it is advisable to commence the party with a hit. No one wants to touch down the dance floor first, no matter the kind of music you play. A pro’s move is to start the party with a sweet and slow tone to grace up the floor.

Knowing The Parent’s Best Music Is An Advantage

A pro DJ knows the favorite dance songs of the wedding couple, but knowing the parent’s favorite music is a very significant point.

Taking Note Of Guests Who Are Not Dancing

It is crucial to take note of people that are not dancing. However, it is the responsibility of the DJ to make sure that these guests stand to their feet and get to the dance floor in any possible way.

Lighting is crucial 

People won’t dance in a space that is too bright. You should make some places dark as possible and select colored bulbs to lighten up the situation.

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