Get Ready To Groove : ‘Boyshorts’ By Intelligent Diva Is Out Now


‎’Boyshorts’ hits the mark perfectly as it is made keeping the current taste of music in mind. Melding the ground-breaking beats with enthralling soundscape, the craftsman has poured inventive brightness orchestrated in a progression of mystical minutes right now. The forward and backward movement of the tune of the track has created a captivating mood that is very difficult to stand up to. The effect is enormous and the synths are simply ideal for the individuals groove on the move floor. You can listen the single here :

Interesting Story About Interesting Diva :

Interesting Diva is from Jacksonville. Her first singing experience was in the church choir near her home. After that she continues with her new found passion in middle school and high school chorus as an alto section leader. She also started writing songs hand to hand along with singing. It was then she finally knew that “This is it” for her, this is her dream and so she continued and never looked back. Later when she was in Dexheim Germany, her love for music and passion grew stronger, which led her to land a regular gig on Wednesday nights as a background singer.

After returning to the states, she divorced and became a single parent. Her focus has always been on her career and family. After raising her daughter as an entrepreneur, who has many career accomplishments of her own,

Intelligent Diva is now able to focus on her singing, songwriting career. She decided that in order for her to have the work-life balance she needed, it was time to pursue her dreams. Her goal is to write songs which can be marketed in film and television. Another goal of hers is to become a voice actor in film. Her animation voices are showcased through her backup vocals in the single.

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