3 Steps to improve your YELP ranking


What is Yelp

Yelp is a website that has been designed to provide resources and reviews for various businesses and organizations. Yelp has simply become the “goto” for anyone that has been considering trying out a new company or only looking for honest reviews on a company. Users of the site leave the information related to various products and services by using the five-star rating system.


You should be uploading quality photos to attract customers and prospective clients properly. By increasing the quality in your photos, you are able to intrigue the onlookers, providing more of a reason for them to visit your place of business. Yelp uses a ranking system that includes a factor called “dwell time,” which basically keeps tabs on the accumulated time that each user spends on your prospective business page.

Increasing your “dwell time” with great photos and detailed pages for your audiences to look through is critical. Providing real value for your page will surely keep your prospective clients actively scrolling through your content.

Another great way to interact with your clients and prospective customers is to generate genuinely fresh content for your webpage. Yelp actually pays more attention to the frequency of the published content rather than the actual stars that are provided by the public. Yelp is a company that focuses on how the public views companies, but it also pays great attention to the effort that businesses and companies put forward.

When you are publishing content related to your business in a usual manner, this also allows your customers and onlookers to be able to sort through your competition quicker. Studies show that the public is more drawn to content that is updated more often. This limits outdated information, which ultimately saves them money and, more importantly, time. Yelp is well known for keeping update information and reviews circulating; this promotes relevancy and ranking in the algorithm as well.


Along with updated information, you should always double-check your information input to ensure that all of your data is correct. This provides higher levels of professionalism, and it shows your customers that you care. You should allow your overall reviews to be seen, and you should always respond to questions or even comments, good or bad. This allows and errors to be fixed, this can provide you with ideas and areas for improvement, and it will enable your customers to feel heard. Your information should be in sync across the board, with every social site that you use, professional websites, accounts, and publish information should all be updated and matching. This provides credibility and extra assurance that your company is reputable and trustworthy to your customers.


One hopeful way to improve Yelp ranking is to utilize SEO in all of your publishings and work. Yelp is very helpful and impactful on sales because it increases your visibility to potential customers. Using SEO as a tool can provide valuable insight, allowing you to reach customers that you have not been targeting before. This is key to exponential numerical growth within your visitors and overall sales. While this can be an acquired skill, there are also experts in this area that provide services. If you would like to go the less expensive route, there is software available to assist in Google SEO as well.

Because of Yelp’s rules and regulations, it is not a good idea to flat out ask for reviews from your customers, but there are ways to provoke a great response out of the public. Offering excellent customer service is the number one way to move up in ranks. You can also provide a discount for surveys or reviews with a link attached. There are many subtle ways to improve Yelp ranking by getting reviews out of your customers.

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