Enjoy A Memorable Kayaking and Snorkeling Excursion in Tenerife


Tenerife is the largest among the 7 Canary Islands located in Spain. Mt. Teide is situated in Tenerife and boasts Spain’s highest peak. When you travel south there are vibrant coastal towns and golden sand beaches spread across 43 miles. There are myriad of things to do in Tenerife, especially adventurous Water sports Tenerifestar gazing, and hiking.

The Atlantic Ocean’s crystal-clear water around the Canary Island and Tenerife are filled with diverse and rich marine life. The undersea is a paradise for first timer and seasoned divers alike.

Kayaking and snorkeling excursion on the Tenerife coast is awesome experience. You can book a 3-hour guided excursion. There is no need to have kayak or snorkel experience but swimming ability and reasonable fitness level are recommended.

Besides wearing a life jacket, the tour guide has provided small buckets to store snacks and personal items. The guide even instructs tourists about how to enter the water safely in a kayak. The excursion starts from the Los Cristiano beach and as you paddle quietly across the water inquisitive yet friendly sea inhabitants pop up to welcome you.

Kayaking puts you around captivating scenery and wildlife

The kayak moves slowly and smoothly, which does not frighten the wildlife. As you paddle across the blue water for not more than half an hour, you will witness many dolphins swimming beneath the kayak or leaping in the air and splashing in the water. Tenerife coast has five species of dolphins. The bottlenose dolphin is most common. Its average length is .6 meters and it moves in large groups, so you cannot miss them!

The crisp, cool morning’s changeover to sunshine and warm wind is a special experience. On the waters, you open up to a world of landscapes and scenic views. The water beautifully collides with the sunrise, which is a completely surreal experience in a kayak. The vegetation and trees around stand even better on or close to the water. You cannot ignore the smell and sound of the surrounding nature while on a kayak. Sharing such beautiful moments with wildlife and nature is a pleasure!

Snorkeling offers a chance to go near marine life under the sea

As the sun shines on the crystal-clear water surface of the Atlantic close to a picturesque bay, the guide helps with the snorkel gear. Snorkeling allows you to experience the natural habitat of marine life. Watch the turtles slowly chopping seagrass or coral not bothered by snorkelers. The royally moving bull rays in unison across the sea bed below are breathtaking. Snorkeling opens a completely new world and places you never thought of visiting before all of a sudden becomes a must-see activity.

Club Canary in Tenerife offers tourists the most thrilling on-water activities like Jet Ski safari, parascending, surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling.

There are other activities like quad biking tours, sunset cruises, Paragliding, Mt. Teide, Stargazing, Turtle Safari, and Helicopter rides. Pre-book your sports activities. Never miss out on a visit to the Volcano in Tenerife!

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