Ice Cream Fanatics


I’m part of a fairly large family. We all live nearby each other, and everyone has kids. I’m talking about siblings, cousins, and so on. Our family is full of ice cream fanatics, but most of us have vastly different tastes. Some of the kids from different households agree on some of their favorites, but aside from having all the kids over who like one type of ice cream, there wasn’t exactly an easy way to work this. 

Realistically speaking, if we were all to have our favorite flavors of ice cream on hand, no one would have any room in their extra freezers in their basements. Don’t get me started on how expensive it would be to try to accommodate every single family member either. The store bought stuff can get pricey.

Eventually, I figured out a way to make everyone happy. I bought a Cuisinart food processor from KitchenWorksUSA, and the problem was solved. I could make large batches of my whole family’s favorite ice creams, and distribute them to the different households. It was really such an easy way to do it!

Because of the different ingredients that I’d have to incorporate into the homemade ice cream, it made sense that I would need some different blade attachments, and different sized bowls for different sized batches. I took to KitchenWorksUSA again, because they sell Cuisinart DLC-7 parts as well. 

It went a bit like this: The family rotates paying for a membership at a place where we can buy in bulk, like Sam’s or Costco. We all split the ingredients that will go into the ice cream. The two most popular flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter, so I make the largest batches of those two. There are about eight other flavors that are asked for, so although not by much, those batches are somewhat smaller. 

The Cuisinart food processor is the perfect tool for making homemade ice cream. It chops the things that I need chopped up into small pieces, and it combines the ice cream ingredients until they are absolutely perfect and smooth. Honestly, I think the homemade stuff is better than a lot of the name brands. It also allows me to be creative and come up with some flavors that no one has even heard of for when we are feeling adventurous. 

Before beginning the process, each household sends over freezer safe storage containers that are labeled with their specific family’s name on them, and what flavors are going into them. I measure out the portions to be sure everyone is getting their fair amount (this helps to avoid the children having fits and getting into fights). Everything ends up working out better than if we were doing the same old store bought routine. The kids and parents are happy, and it saves everyone money in the long run. I’m so glad our family came up with this wonderful idea, and I hope it becomes a tradition that the children continue with.

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