Choose Your Online Options At The Poker Table


The Small Blind is perhaps the worst position at the poker table. For starters, you are forced to make a mandatory bet. That is annoying, of course, because you may have bad cards that you normally wouldn’t want to play at all. This does not matter in the game of poker because the players in the blinds must always place the required bet regardless of their cards. What makes playing in the Small Blind even more difficult is the fact that you are out of position after the flop, so you always have to say it first. That may sound like an advantage, but it isn’t because your opponents always have more information than you have.

We can understand it very well if you also have problems playing from the Small Blind. Fortunately, there are enough tools to do something about this and we have already listed a number of tips to help you on your way.

Also nice to try is situs online judi Pot Limit Omaha. In this popular variant, all players receive 4 cards and you must always use two from your own hand to make a combination with the five cards that appear on the table. So you use two of your own and three of the board. The game is played Pot Limit so you cannot just decide for yourself what amount you bet or raise. For more information, please visit our Pot Limit Omaha page.

Start with a Poker study

Without the Poker Series, sporting events, catering establishments, theaters and access to many other activities that will be kept out, very little remains. Netflix is ​​of course a good alternative, but you cannot watch series all day / evening. Maybe this is the right time to start a Poker Study. For poker players who have never studied before, it is definitely recommended to start with Upswing Poker, Poker Code, Poker Coaching or Raise Your Edge.

Poker software should not be missing

  • Because live poker is completely on the hole, many players have chosen to dust off their online account. PokerStars’ $215 Sunday Million was home to a staggering 85,000 entries on Sunday night, and partypoker also featured over 40,000 players playing at one time. These are figures that seemed unfeasible for a long time, but suddenly became reality due to the corona crisis. 

We don’t want to talk you down but over 90% of all players with an online poker account are not profitable. If you hear poker players talking to each other then “everyone” “is always” “profitable” but in reality the numbers are a bit different. That is not very strange either, because many players simply do not have enough knowledge to make enough good choices, so that they can beat both the fields they are playing against and the rake of the poker sites.

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