Benefits of Adding an In Law Suite to Your Home


When you need more room in your current house, you have a few options to consider. One of those options is to add an in law suite to your existing property. Before you make the decision to add one to your home, it is important that you understand all the benefits of an in law suite.

Adding space to your home will almost always increase the value of your home. It is not the best idea to add an in law suite simply to increase the value in your home, but it is a nice perk. Extra space in your home will add comfort and function to your existing space.

When we think of in law suites, we usually think of creating a space for our parents that are aging. This gives them space where they can remain independent and maintain privacy but allows them to be closer to you. When you build this space, it allows you to create a space that can provide adequate room for a wheelchair or a shower stall that is safe for aging parents with items such as grab bars. 

This space makes it easier to provide care for them and bring them closer to grandchildren. This can also allow grandparents to provide care for grandchildren instead of sending them to daycare or camp. This also could be a space for a caregiver or a nanny that lives in your home. This can also be a space for adult children that are transitioning in some way. If your adult child is in college, this could be a space for them to stay when they come home for visits. It could also be a space for children that have graduated from college and need a place to stay while searching for a job or wanting to save money.  

Perhaps you do not need a guest room for parents or children but would like some extra space to accommodate guests. This gives you extra space to provide a comfortable and private space for guests, no matter how long they stay. If you enjoy having guests over your house, this may be a great way for you to provide a space for them. Another consideration for a space such as this is for rental purposes. You could rent this space for short or long term purposes. As you build an in law suite, you can add any amenities that you see fit. You can add all the extras that you wish to make the space more pleasing as a rental. There are many sites where you can post your in law suite as a rental option. You want to consider adding extra perks, such as a state of the art television and pleasing decor. You want to make sure there is a full bathroom with a shower and a beautiful and functional kitchen. Be sure to include all of the items in the kitchen that any renter would want and need while staying there.

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