5 Benefits only Players on Khelplay Rummy Enjoy


Rummy is a card game that everyone enjoys. It is not surprising that rummy is the game chosen for entertaining people at social gatherings. There are many modern apps that allow you to enjoy the rummy games online. However, here are 5 benefits only players on Khelplay Rummy will enjoy:

Many Rummy Variations to Try Your Hand At

Rummy players are not obstinate about the variation of rummy they are playing. They enjoy exploring the different variations of rummy that exist. That is the opportunity that Khelplay Rummy offers its players. Here are some of the interesting rummy variations for you to explore on Khelplay Rummy:

Variations Based on the Number of Cards Used:

10 Cards Rummy

13 Cards Rummy

21 Cards Rummy

27 Cards Rummy

Variations Based on the Way the Winner is Decided:

Points Rummy

Pool Rummy

Deals Rummy

Simple Terminology Making the Game as Close to the Real Game

When an app is designed to allow the online users to enjoy a game that existed in the offline form, first thing to make sure is that the game is close to its original in terminology and strategies. Khelplay Rummy has made sure this is the case. It uses the same terms as used in the offline rummy card games. Even in these online variations, you can quit the game at the beginning or midway by paying a small penalty. As the game unfurls, the excitement in rummy games grow and people enjoy challenging others in these game apps.

Easy Options to Invite Friends

Some people enjoy rummy only when it is played with the familiar faces or friends. People like to challenge friends in rummy whose strategies and moves are familiar to them. Now, with the exciting option to invite friends on Khelplay Rummy app, this desire of rummy players is also rightfully fulfilled. The added benefit is that you enjoy some bonus points each time a friend accepts your invite and joins Khelplay Rummy.

Rummy Tournaments to Add Up to The Excitement

No game is fun unless there is a competition element added to the game. This is one benefit that Khelplay Rummy offers you. It allows you to boost your competitive spirit and challenge your opponents in Khelplay Rummy app. The tournaments vary every season and sometime they offer cash prizes while other times they even have the latest gadgets as rewards. Now that is some benefit most rummy players might never have thought of while joining Khelplay Rummy or any other rummy gaming app.

Convenient App to Enjoy Rummy on the Go

In a crowded city like Bombay, people waste a lot of time travelling by bus and train to their office. This is a time when you surely need some form of entertainment that will help you pass your time. Khelplay Rummy is the ideal partner at all such times and allows you to enjoy many variations of rummy card games while on the go. You can choose a short variation like Points Rummy to pass time if your station is close-by. On the other hand, you can choose Deals Rummy or Pool Rummy to pass time if your journey lasts an hour or longer.

Have Queries? Get Them Sorted

Khelplay Rummy understands that players are sure to be confused or may have questions about the app. That is why the website has a FAQ section that is dedicated to all the queries that players on Khelplay Rummy may have. They have answered questions about the rules of the game and the different variations of rummy games available. Read and clear your doubts before playing on Khelplay Rummy.


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