4 Types of Alarm Systems You Should Incorporate To Your Premise


From buying CCTV to an access control system in Singapore, every workplace requires basic security systems. Not all safety and security can be complete without incorporating an alarm system.

Your office door and CCTV systems aren’t round-off without having an installed alarm system. Who will alert should there be forced break-ins, robbery or vandalising? If you want to reduce the loss within your premise, then consider knowing these types of alarm systems:

Wired alarm systems

Alarm systems that are hard-wired to the infrastructure and network of the building are called ‘wired’ alarm systems. Hard-wired alarm systems are ideal for connecting with other devices, such as your control panel. So, should you plan to invest in an office door or a CCTV system in Singapore, look into wired alarm systems. They are easy to maintain and reliable. However, the installation can be pricey.

Wireless alarm systems

Wireless alarm systems can operate and communicate with your control panel via radiofrequency. Therefore any information or alert is received via picking up the device’s signal. Unlike wired systems, wireless is much simpler to install. However, the system’s sensors have a limited range. It is because obstacles can block signals from reaching their target.

Unmonitored alarm systems

If you’re opting for a CCTV installation in Singapore, you might have heard about unmonitored alarm systems. Unmonitored alarm systems are also known as ‘local alarms’ since they don’t alert any official. Instead, the system only triggers its alert to notify anyone within the immediate vicinity. These forms of ‘alerts’ are either SMS, email or phone notification.

Monitored alarm systems

Many businesses fear constant and unnoticed break-ins. Should you want an alarm system that can notify and alert security teams or professional monitoring teams to respond to any form of threat within your premise. So, if break-ins or robberies happen, police can be dispatched to apprehend perpetrators.

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