Whats is the Features of a Biometric Gun Safe


A gunsafe is just like a locker that plays an important role in keeping the guns secure. While purchasing a gun safe, it is important to consider all the factors properly. The factors basically include the pros and cons and also the features as well. The features of the gun safe also depend upon the needs of the individual. Additionally, the reason for your requirement of best biometric gun safe under $300 also plays an important role in defining the features. Here in the below section, we have given some of the top features of a secure gun safe that you must consider.

Size of the gun safe

It is important to decide that you own an arsenal or a single handgun. The size of the gunsafe always depends upon the gun you own.


The weight of the gunsafe goes hand in hand, along with the size. On the basis of the size of the gunsafe, the weight differs. It is important for you to decide what exactly you are looking for so that the exact gunsafe weight can be considered. Typically it is stated that the more weight the gunsafe will having the most secure it will be. Additionally, it will become difficult for thieves to steal the entire safe. Additionally, it is not easy to break the safe easily.

Locking security

It is one of the most important features that you must consider while purchasing the gunsafe for you. The gunsafe is all about providing the security to your gun. When it comes to purchasing a gunsafe, you have two major options. Either you can use a dial combination lock for a digital electronic lock. As compared to the dialogues, the electronic locks are quite faster to use. While on the other hand, when it comes to durability and reliability, the dialogues are the best. Both of them are secure, and it’s all about preference.

Fire resistance

Along with protecting the gun from the thieves and accidents, it is also important to protect them from fire. The fire rating is the fact that how many minutes the safe can hold out the higher temperature. If you are having a good gunsafe, then it can easily handle the house fire of around 1200 degrees for 1 hour.

Quality construction

Construction is also important to be considered while purchasing the gunsafe. Your gunsafe must-have interior hinges, secure bolting system, thick steel plates, and other features so that the higher security can be granted. The steel thickness is measured by using the gauge. The smaller the gauge, the greater the thickness will be. Apart from all this, in order to ensure the lock and security, the bolting system also plays an important and similar role. If the gunsafe has more bolts, then it means it can provide better security. Additionally, it may also make the door harder to open.

These are some of the important features that you must consider while purchasing the gunsafe for you. These features will help you out in ensuring quality and security, as well. To get more info about gun safes, reach us here. To buy guns & ammo from Palmetto State Armory, visit www.palmettostatearmory.com today.

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