4 Fundamental Fire Risk Assessment Tips You Should Follow


Almost every business is prone to fire hazards. Be it from human errors or caused by a natural reaction, it’s the job of the management/employers and staff to maintain a risk-free working environment. Organisations may choose to invest in equipment and safety devices to counter the risk and a fire safety consultant in Singapore for ensuring that the premise can execute well-decisions precautions and course actions.

As a process to evaluate workplace fire hazards, a fire risk assessment must be carried out to reduce the risk and hazards. Here are a few fire risk assessment tips you can do for your workplace:

Know and identify the people at risk

Every fire safety consultancy will advise that you prioritise identifying people at risk should fire occur. Vulnerable groups are seniors ( age of 60 and above) and people who have disabilities. It’s crucial that you know where they work routinely and evaluate for present risks in the area that could spark any fire-related accidents.

Identify the risks in the premises

Any proactive organisation involved in fire risk assessment in Singapore will point out that identifying potential risks can prevent any chance of related accidents. Cooking equipment, ignition devices, combustible liquids, fuel stockpiles and sources of oxygens are part of the risks. Other flammable materials, such as acrylic, papers and synthetic fibres, should be considered as well.

Train and inform employees

The assessing group must note and record the findings to plan for emergency and response actions should an incident occur. The information should be disseminated to other staff groups and members on the premises. Training also plays a crucial role in maintaining a risk-free environment since human error is the primary cause of fire-related accidents.

Conduct drills

Every fire risk consultancy offers conduct drills as a response solution against fire-related disasters. Practising fire drills will help staff groups to familiarise themselves with emergency exit routes and proper action responses to minimise casualties.

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