10 Tips To Avoid Failure In Indian Rummy


Indian Rummy is one of the most played online games. The reason? It is not only an exciting game full of thrill, excitement, and adventure but is also rewarding. The game will keep you at the edge of your seat all the time.

But the point is – how many people among us can be champions? As Rummy is entirely skill-based, hence your observation and mental ability are the most important factors to decide your fate in the game.

Still, you can always work on improving your game and learn the tactics that help you in getting more chances to avoid deliberate failure while playing it.

So, here are some of the essential tips and tactics that may help you improve your game drastically.

Ten Essential Tips That Can Help You Avoid Failure In Indian Rummy

  1. Always keep your cards arranged perfectly:With well-arranged cards, you can avoid mistakes like discarding a useful card. This blunder is quite common in the game, which can hamper your chances of victory.
  1. Sharply observe every move of your opponent: With keen observation, you can almost predict the sequences your opponent is trying to make. This can be essential in planning your next moves. With this, your half work will be done!
  1. Try making a Pure Sequence first:It should be your aim from the beginning to get a pure sequence, which is vital to get a valid declaration in the game. Apply this trick, and you will increase your chances of winning.
  1. Discard high-value cards as soon as possible: You must discard the high-value cards at the beginning of your game itself to lose a reductionin overall points. Do this as soon as you find it challenging to make a set or sequence with high-value cards.
  1. The use of mid-value cards: Fully utilize middle-value cards such as 4,6, etc. to make more and more sequences.
  1. Use the Joker Wisely: You must learn to use your Joker card wisely. Hence, preserve it for use later in the game and utilise it at the right time. Try combining it with incomplete sets and sequences or high-value cards. Make sure to make the pure sequence first.
  1. Keep Track of Discarded cards: Always keep track of the discarded cards of yours as well as of the opponents. By using this tip, you can easily predict the cards other players are having. Also, this can help plan your next move in a better way.
  1. Duplicate cards: When playing a game with two decks, discard duplicate cards as soon as you can to decrease your overall score at the end.
  1. Don’t wait for a particular card: Instead of waiting for any specific card for a pure or impure sequence, you should adequately utilize the cards you are already having. Change your strategy if you haven’t got the desired card within a couple of moves.
  1. Know when to drop: Drop the game at the right time. It can save you from a significant loss.


Indian Rummy is an exciting game that has an affinity for automatically capturing a person’s attention. If you naturally enjoy playing the game, then apply these tricks to be a winner. Of course, it will take time to sharpen your Rummy skills, but this will significantly decrease your chances of failure in the game.

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