Can technological innovations replace translation services in dubai?


With the translation market constantly evolving, you need to be aware of the automated services offered by some companies

According to a survey conducted by Sense Advisory, a leader in independent translation research and analysis, the world market for translation services is undergoing a transformation in its design.

The study carried out showed a growth of 5.52% in the sector. The explanation for its appreciation is that there is an enormous demand in specialized translation services, especially with regard to new businesses and projects capable of breaking language barriers between countries.

We live in a world so globalized that it is practically impossible not to communicate with individuals of different nationalities.

Whether for commercial or personal purposes, the relationships demand increasingly assertive for translations, which take into account not only the transposition of the language, but also the political, economic context and culture of the country where the communication or publication will be transmitted or published.

The Dubai translation market has a variety of companies specialized in this type of service.

With increasingly different and dispersed professionals, it is necessary to be attentive and know how to choose correctly the modality and the translation company suitable for your final objective.

In addition, in parallel with the development of the sector, we know that the new technologies used in translation work have gained space and notoriety. Currently, the sector offers options for human and machine translation.

But are new technologies and machine translation efficient and secure?

First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind that no matter how fast the technology develops, it still does not have the ability to interpret a human being, which makes traditional translation services still in very high demand.

It is illusory to compare the traditional Translation Services Dubai, performed by a professional translator with the automatic translation, performed by machines and robots.

This is because the services developed by highly trained professionals are much more efficient and assertive. Proof of this is that most translation jobs require critical thinking, specific knowledge, common sense and creativity.

That is, even with automatic translation in constant evolution, only a qualified individual has the necessary sensitivity to identify and translate, in the best way, the proposed message.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the cultural context of the language that will be transposed.

In tune with technological innovations in the sector, some trusted companies are betting on the convergence between technologies and native translators, specialized in different areas of expertise.

Automatic translation is beneficial when used correctly, that is, even in some cases where the translation is done robotically, at the request of a client, it is the obligation of the consultancy to involve a human translator in the process.

After all, it is he who will make the necessary final adjustments to increase the level of assertiveness of the final product.

If you are looking for a translation service, you need to know that there are clear differences between efficient machine translation, performed by a company concerned with the quality standards of its projects and the translation systems available for free on the internet.

Typically, automatic and crowdsourcing translations are not suggested by professionals who understand the subject. This is because the quality of this type of service does not even compare with the excellence of the work performed by a qualified professional.

Would you trust a robot to translate an important document? There are several types of translation offered by large companies. The ideal is always to opt for services that require manual labor.

Check below for more details of each of the types of translation available on the market.

it can be practiced by anyone who has the knowledge to do so.

Legal Translation : performed whenever an official document needs to be translated, preserving its legal validity.

Technical Translation : encompasses the most diverse areas of specialization such as legal, pharmaceutical, engineering, among others.

Version : it is the conversion of a text written in the local language to the foreign language. In other words, it is the opposite of translation.

We know that there are several reasons that lead an individual to look for a translation company, and knowing them can help to broaden their horizons even further, in order to really prove how essential and important they are.

As we saw earlier, each type of translation has different characteristics, and it is up to specific professionals to do them in the best possible way so as not to make mistakes.

Combining this service with technological innovations, as long as it is something very well thought out and designed, can further value the final product, improving its quality, thus meeting the customer’s expectations.

It is possible to perceive through market analysis, that new translation methods have emerged with the advent of the use of modern software and systems, however, this does not mean more quality, but a greater number of options in facilities for the end user.

In summary, we can consider that technology is an excellent ally for translation services. However, there is still a long way to go to compete with the excellence and critical sense of the work of a well-prepared human being.

No matter how much you invest in new technologies, there will always be gaps that cannot be filled or remedied by the logical reasoning of a machine, differently from what happens with Translation Services Dubai , carried out from people to people.

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