Protect Your Vehicle With Rubber Wheel Stops


Not all people notice the rubber wheel stopsHowever, they are very crucial in the car park and also in loading and unloading areas. Therefore the wheel stops are the so-called humps that your car cannot go over while parking in the parking space.

The cracks let you know when to step on the brake and where the park is essential in preventing damage to a car as well as building a structure. The parking humps have off the means of avoiding cherished cars from getting damaged to a wall and at the same time protect you against the insurance claims.

For many years, many car parks, driveways and loading and unloading zones have been using the concrete wheel stops. The parking pumps are installed in the driveways and car-parks to help drivers with the parking. This ensures the driver’s parks at the right location when parking. This, therefore, prevents damage to the sidewalk, building off other structures that may be close.

 If you plan to include the rubber wheel stoppers in your driveway parking system, loading zone or near a shopping centre, you should consider both the merits and demerits of every type of rubber stop. This will be of great help to you in determining the one that fits you. The most significant factor to be considered is the traffic type and how often the wheel stops will be used. For example, if you are planning to pace the rubber wheel stoppers in a loading dock, then you need a rubber stopper made from a durable and robust material.

Also, you need to consider if the stops will be placed in a given location permanently. However, if you are moving your rubber wheel stops around you should get wheel slops that are temporarily installed like those made from rubber.

For those who manage public car parks, you can protect yourself from the many complaints that come from the clients by installing rubber parking stops. This is because rubber has a less tendency of damaging vehicles and it may make you receive less hassle from customers. In this way, there are no damage vehicles on impact, and you will never hear any complaints.

As already discussed the rubber grips the ground nicely, however a little help on a slippery surface will not hurt, some stops have optional accessories available that are cleared. A steel grate holds closer to a surface when on a steep grade and is more effective on gravel ground. A chock on ice cleat digs into the ice for extra assurance that holds if the weight is challenging.

Finally, if you are in an industry that deals with light tracks and follows the regulations accordingly, you should pay close attention to the requirements of rubber wheel chocks. The rubber wheels can easily be installed either permanently or temporarily. The rubber stops are long-lasting; however, you will not have to replace your rubber wheel often stops as you will do to other types.

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