Why You Should Choose Crystal Oscillators in 2021


If you are designing a piece of equipment that requires a “timekeeping” element, a radio signal or anything similar that would benefit from the application of an oscillator, it’s important to do your research in order to decide which kind will work best to meet your needs.

Crystal oscillators are among the most popular devices used for purposes of this kind – but why is this the case, and why might you consider investing in crystal oscillators for your own project?

In this article, the experts at EuroQuartz – oscillator manufacturers and suppliers serving the aerospace, telecommunications, medical, defence and electrical engineering industries, as well as many other fields besides – explain a few of the benefits of quartz oscillators.

By taking a look at the facets explained below, you may be able to make a more informed decision on the type of oscillator that may best suit your requirements.

Totally Consistent Frequency

Quartz crystals are commonly used in timekeeping devices, as the rate at which they oscillate does not vary – and temperature control can help to reduce any chance of frequency drift.

Slow Rate of Energy Loss

Quartz oscillators retain their energy levels for longer than similar devices that are not powered by crystals.

This is another way in which these oscillators are able to maintain the same frequency for long periods of time.

Bespoke Manufacture

You can easily choose the frequency you desire and then arrange for the crystal in your oscillator to be cut accordingly. The team at EuroQuartz regularly fabricates custom oscillators for clients with highly specific requirements.

Very Little Jitter

Jitter, or phase noise, can be a real problem when using an oscillator to maintain a strong radio frequency. Fortunately, crystal oscillators produce a very smooth frequency which serves to prevent issues of this kind.

Low Cost

Because they are easy and straightforward to manufacture to almost any specification, quartz oscillators are among the most affordable devices of this kind. By saving on small but integral components of this kind, you can make a huge difference to your project’s overall budget.

So, if you believe that a quartz oscillator may be the best option for your upcoming project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with EuroQuartz today.

You can browse our range of products to pinpoint devices with the ideal specifications and features – or, if you are unable to find precisely what you are looking for, simply fill in our handy online contact form with as much detail as you can.

We have our very own crystal production equipment that allows us to create and cut crystals to produce the desired frequency perfectly every time.

We also offer a quick turnaround service that can reduce waiting time from 15 days down to as little as 3.

EuroQuartz can also custom-build resonators, electronic filters and other frequency control products to match your specifications exactly.

For more information, simply make an enquiry today. We’ll be happy to advise you.


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