What is Thermal Imaging Used For?


The term “thermal imaging” refers to the use of a specialist infrared camera or scanner and a range of additional equipment to detect changes in temperature.

Infrared surveys can be used to find out more about the surrounding environment and even to resolve potential hazards.

In this article, the thermal imaging specialists at Red Current explain some of the main uses of this specialist equipment.

Locating Heat Sources

Infrared cameras can be extremely useful in locating areas of higher temperature – whether the source is man-made or biological.

On a thermal scan, hotter spots are usually depicted with brighter, lighter colours.

One of the main benefits of heat detection is the capacity to check for potentially dangerous electrical faults without using risky or damaging exploratory methods.

The location and resolution of damage to a property’s electrical system is often a matter of urgency, and thermal imaging can provide a significant head start.

The method can also be used when renovating or maintaining a property with an underfloor heating system. Infrared cameras can provide a clear image of the location of each pipe, and will also reveal whether any of those pipes are blocked or leaking.

Finally, thermal imaging can also be used to detect the heat produced by living things – whether as part of a security system, pest extermination or the tracking and recording of wildlife activity, such as bat surveys.

Infrared cameras can even be employed to check body temperature, ensuring that no one present in a location has a fever – which may be evidence of an infectious disease.

Locating Cold Spots

Thermal imaging is also used regularly in the detection of thermal or water leaks when maintaining or renovating the structural elements of a building.

Dark patches will appear on the generated infrared image when the camera is pointed at a poorly insulated area or cold water leak.

Equipment of this kind can also be used to check that refrigeration and air conditioning systems are working correctly.

How to Arrange Thermal Imaging Surveys

If you believe that thermal imaging may be a good solution to your current needs, you can arrange for a specialist survey on a date and time agreed with the experts at Red Current.

Alternatively, you can request thermal imaging camera hire. This will enable you to undertake your own surveys over a set period of time before returning the equipment.

However, if you think you are likely to have an ongoing requirement for infrared apparatus, Red Current also offers thermal imaging camera sales – with both new and used cameras available.

You can book a handy demonstration, whereby a member of the Red Current team will guide you through the proper use of your chosen camera and its relevant software.

For further information regarding our services and the types of infrared camera we offer for sale or hire, simply get in touch with Red Current today. We will be very happy to assist you with everything you need.


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