Why Should You Start Taking Collagen Supplements in Your 20’s?


The millennials have been taking collagen supplements lately because they want to achieve youthful skin for a prolonged time. As this current generation uses excess makeup products and does not follow a balanced and healthy lifestyle, they notice signs of ageing in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Therefore, when they see the changes in their skin, they realise that their body needs collagen to maintain its youthfulness. 

However, collagen is not only associated with youthfulness. It also supports your bones and other body health. You can find supplements in the form of collagen gummies,  collagen drinks, collagen powders, and collagen procedures as well. So, if you want to know why you should start taking collagen in your 20’s, you might find some answers in this post. 

What is Collagen?

It is a form of protein that is present in your body that holds the tissues in place. It is responsible for holding the firmness of your skin and supporting your bone structure. However, in your late 20’s this production of collagen in your body starts to decrease. And so, it is best to give it a push by using external sources. 

Why is collagen essential for your body?

As you already know, collagen is a strong protein that supports your body, and you must maintain the level of this protein in the body to achieve baby-like skin and bone strength. As your body is exposed to sun, pollution, and unhealthy bacteria, it decreases collagen production, which results in ageing and weak bone strength. 

According to dermatologists, 1% of collagen is reduced every year from your body. If you think that this 1% will not make a difference and you avoid paying attention to the level of collagen in your body, you will see that your skin will lose its elasticity in the next few years. 

How can you gain collages from external sources?

Collagen is present in many natural fruits and vegetables. You can check out the list of collagen-rich foods here. However, not all of you follow a healthy lifestyle and eat food that is right for your body. Therefore, many people look forward to trying collagen supplements that can provide them with an adequate amount of collagen to keep their body from ageing, poor bone and muscle strength. You can search for collagen gummies, collagen powder, collagen drinks, creams, and procedures to achieve youthful skin. 

How can you slow down the process of letting collagen go from your body?

 You need to make specific lifestyle changes to slow down the process of draining collagen from your body. To start with, you can avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco as they have a significant effect on your body’s collagen level. Before you know it, your body will show you signs of ageing due to a lack of collagen. Another way is to protect your skin from direct sun exposure. You can apply sunscreens to your body as they will act as a barrier between your skin and harmful UV rays. 

Suppose you do not want to pay for expensive collagen procedures and drink tasteless drinks. You can look for alternatives like flavoured collagen gummies to maintain the level of collagen and achieve nourished and youthful skin. So, look for dietary supplement suppliers that have a reputation in the market to purchase collagen supplements. 


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