Best Ways To Promote Android Applications


The number of phones which are in usage in a large number in the world is the phones that operate on Android operating systems. So, there is no doubt that the number of android applications that are being released every day in the market is also in a large count. These are some of the best ways to promote android applications.

  • Make use of multiple stores 

Google Play store might be the one which you are aware of. But there are several other application stores as well as the Amazon play store where you can upload your application. Apart from this, there are a lot of websites where you can upload the apk file of your application and entice the customers to download the application.

  • Get in touch with bloggers 

There are many bloggers around who can provide deep insights into your application. You can get in touch with a few of those bloggers who can review your application for free of cost and then you can treat them with hampers or another type of gift if the application has received a lot of response due to their post.

  • Become a contributor 

Attend a lot of conferences, live seminars and also be a part of the groups in LinkedIn, maintain a profile on Quora and contribute to a lot of answers whereby sharing knowledge garners your name via which people start looking at your bio. These days, people like to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Also, the digital world has shrunk the globe into a very tiny size. So, when you make any error, it becomes very blatant and you can’t just get out of it. So, enrich yourself in the domain knowledge.

  • Use social media extensively 

When you are looking for ways to promote android appthe first and foremost that strikes a person’s mind is the usage of social media. As Facebook and Instagram are held by the same person, it becomes even easier to promote on these platforms.

These are some of the time and tested ways by which you can promote your android app. It does take some time for reaching out to people, but it is worth the wait.

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