9 Reasons why Drinking Clean Water is Very Important to Humans


Many of us believe that water is very crucial for human health.

The majority of our body weight is composed of water. Our body is composed of 70% water. Aside from that, water involves many characteristics like:

  • It helps your brain to work efficiently
  • It flushes away toxins from your body
  • It regulates the human’s body temperature

To improve wellness, here are some reasons why we need to drink water every day.

  1. It makes your body temperature at an average level

Our body is prone to dehydration. The reason is the body loses water from time to time because of sweating and a humid environment.To learn more about water filtration, visit Berkey Filters.

Sweat plays an essential role in keeping your body fresh. However, your body temperature will rise immediately once you don’t replenish the water lost in your body. It is because our body loses electrolytes when we suffer dehydration.

You need to maintain a normal body temperature to sustain your optimum work level at all times. To achieve this healthy state, all you need to do is to drink clean water. It will help you to replenish the lost water from the body and to maintain your body hydrated.

  1. It helps to build up saliva

Our saliva is made up of water. Saliva plays a significant role in maintaining your mouth healthy. Also, it helps to break down solid foods during digestion.

With proper fluid intake, you can produce a significant amount of saliva in your body. Unfortunately, saliva production may decrease from time to time due to the following conditions:

  • Therapies
  • If we are taking some medications that affect digestion
  • As we grow older
  1. It elevates physical performance

During intense physical activities, drinking sufficient water is essential. It is because athletes may release around 8 to 10% of their body weight during intense exercise. This amount of water must be refueled by drinking lots of water.

Also, keeping your body hydrated will optimize your strength and power level. If you sustain this kind of state, you can meet your target goal quickly.

On the other hand, participating in any sports without enough water can result in serious medical problems. Severe dehydration can lead to seizures and, worst, death.

  1. It improves the digestion

Nutritionists believe that taking a glass of water before and after a meal has a positive effect on digestion. It will break down your food quickly. Also, drinking lots of water helps the individual to boost their metabolism.

  1. It helps to neutralize constipation

Eating foods rich in fiber is our best practice to prevent constipation. However, drinking plenty of water also plays a vital role in keeping your bowel movement in healthy condition.

If you don’t take enough fluids, your body will experience constipation. So, try to drink plain water as often as needed to help ease your constipation problem.

  1. It enhances blood oxygen flow throughout the body

Water is responsible for building the oxygen supplement to your entire body. Drinking enough water will help you to loosen up the thickness of the blood. You are making it easier to flow throughout the whole body.

As a result, it will improve blood circulation and have a significant impact on your health.

  1. It provides a bright skin

Drinking sufficient amounts of water every day will help you produce a hydrated skin. It also improves the collagen production to your skin.

However, water is not the only solution to reduce the signs of aging. It would be best if you considered other factors that may affect your skin complexions, such as the environment, stress, and genes.

  1. It protects your joints and tissues

Adequate drinking of water helps to lubricate your joints and other tissues. It serves as oil in between the bones. With sufficient water supply in your body, you can prevent muscle cramps when you are dealing with high-intensity sports like basketball or football.

Also, drinking plenty of water will help individuals to enjoy contact sports. Lastly, it reduces the discomfort effect conditions during an adult stage like arthritis.

  1. It eliminates total dehydration

Dehydration is very hazardous to human health. It is because water serves as the fuel to other body parts for them to function correctly.

To avoid dehydration, always remember to drink enough water to replenish the lost fluids inside your body due to sweat, urination, and bowel movements.

Final Thoughts

Our body needs water to achieve its optimum efficiency. So, if you want to promote wellness, all you have to do is to drink plenty of clean water every day.

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