What’s Hot In Tech Now?


Let’s state the obvious. These are weird times. The Coronavirus has frozen businesses all over the world but, if there’s a sector which took this pandemic as a trigger to reinvent itself, that’d be technology. Let’s dive into what’s hot in the bright world of tech, even during this global pandemic. 

Machine Learning: Automation Is The Key To Simplification

Machine learning has been a keyword which fluctuated around for many years. A lot of people were considering it as an experimental technology with little to non practical applications but nowadays software developers, app developers and web developers value the usage of machine learning as a key component of their builds. Machine learning is a process which builds an engine that automatically learns and develops features without necessarily needing any form of human input. With this being said, given the need for automation many companies have, it’s quite easy to understand why machine learning is such a trendy topic. Many say it will grow even more once this pandemic will leave, but these are pure speculations. 

Web Applications On Both Mobile And Desktop

PWA (progressive web applications) have been another trendy topic. Big examples of such applications could be Whatsapp, Facebook and Amazon. For PWA we intend applications with the same UI and functionalities on both desktop and mobile. With the current mobile hardware capabilities, it’s quite easy to have them developed, which is something that would have been seen as craziness a couple of years back. PWA for eCommerce, for example, have been an incredible trend within the fashion industry, with a lot of CEOs moving their web architectures to such builds. It’s definitely safe to admit that these applications will become the next industry standard, even after this pandemic. 

Data For Marketing 

Once again, data (in regards to digital marketing purposes) comes back with many questions. Now that GDPR has officially made possible data acquisition for marketing purposes, many are scared that a second Cambridge Analytica scandal may happen again. Although this is definitely possible, it’s pretty much safe to say that the usage of data to better target your ads (with the very same limitations GDPR put into place a couple of years ago) won’t be a security threat for the general public, which, instead will see fewer spammy ads on their favourite social media platforms. Data is still the most valuable asset on Earth, but this time, is regulated. 


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