Is A Police Report Necessary In Case Of Accident In San Diego For Proving Fault?


A traffic accident can be tricky when you have to prove who is at fault. While the police report is valued as important evidence, it cannot be termed as the most accurate data. A police report can be challenged in court. If you are one of the drivers involved in an unfortunate car accident, then you can hire an experienced car wreck attorney San Diego California to dispute or prove the fault.

When there is a road accident involving a car and a motorcycle collision, the motorcycle rider is usually blamed in the police report for the mishap. In such a scenario, bike riders can pin their hopes on a reputed and reliable motorcycle wreck attorney San Diego California.

Scene Evidence for Truck Wrecks

Similarly, people driving heavy vehicles such as truck drivers can lean on-scene evidence to prove their case. Truck wreck lawyers can work on the photographs taken at the accident scene can easily help negate the police report and prove the fault. In countless road mishaps, drivers take the help of scene evidence to rightly prove the fault. If the road conditions are bad, it can contribute as evidence to prove your case. You can take snaps or pictures of the accident scene to document the road conditions prevalent at the time of the accident.

The state laws mention that all vehicle damage captured as scene photos can also aid in proving the fault and helping reconstruct the accident scene and ascertain the respective damage to the vehicles. Even if the police have arrived late and the weather situation has cleared up a bit, you can rely on the scene pictures.

The Californian Vehicle Code

According to the California Vehicle Code Law, the accused party can dispute and prove that the other driver or party was at fault. A good lawyer can gather proof that the other driver has violated the vehicle law by causing the accident. If you or your loved one is involved in a vehicle road accident, then you can appoint a lawyer to prove that you are not guilty. If your lawyer can prove that the other driver was negligent and violated state laws, you can even win the case.

The police car wreck or collision report may highlight the following points:

  • The present vehicle positions (after the accident)
  • Total damage to the vehicles
  • Tire skid marks
  • The state of the road where the accident happened
  • The weather conditions

A police report is not a binding factor in proving the fault while determining vehicular accident cases. A Police officer may make his conclusions and even issue a traffic citation for a specific violation of rules. But, the officer’s report is not required to prove fault. If you have been severely injured or falsely accused in a vehicle accident police report, you can exercise your rights and get justice with the help of a smart San Diego motor vehicle lawyer. Nakase Law Firm can provide you with the best attorneys in the city.

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