What to Seek in A Bankruptcy Lawyer and How to Make the Right Choice?


The decision to file bankruptcy was emotional and challenging. The next step is to hire a correct bankruptcy lawyer for the task. Many lawyers are burdened with volumes of bankruptcy filing cases. So, the unfortunate debtors who are experiencing bankruptcy get exposed to getting inferior legal services. Therefore, you need to choose the right one.

First, understand the essential qualities needed in a bankruptcy lawyer and what are the correct questions to ask your lawyer. Toledo bankruptcy lawyer works committedly to help clients find an efficient solution to their financial distress. The team also explores several options to avoid filing for bankruptcy. 

To find a bankruptcy lawyer you can consider personal referrals or referrals from the bar association, online directories, legal clinics, or legal aid offices. Measure every lawyer using objective standards.

Things to seek in a bankruptcy lawyer

Experience & specialty

A bankruptcy lawyer with experience is a good choice. They are competent to handle all kinds of bankruptcy cases. Some lawyers specialize in Chapter 7 cases, while there are others that practice Chapter 11 cases because of the associated complexities. 

You need to choose a bankruptcy lawyer that regularly deals with the chapter you are about to file.

Capability & competency

Seasoned lawyers are well-versed in bankruptcy laws than the new attorneys or those who filed few cases. An incompetent bankruptcy lawyer hardly survives legal practice for long. The bankruptcy process is intricate and mistakes can turn out to be costly. 

Contact previous clients, to get an idea about how the potential bankruptcy lawyer handled their case. 

Reasonable fee 

Before you request a consultation, find the fee structure of the potential lawyer associated with Chapter 7 & 13 case filing. Cheap is not always better, especially when your matter is already complicated. 

You don’t wish someone cutting corners. You also don’t want your case handled by robotic minded people, who complete the paperwork without paying attention to their clients. If your matter is straightforward then it may not be a bad idea to shop around and get an affordable deal. 

How to assess the bankruptcy lawyer during a consultation?

The initial consultation fees are generally complimentary. Some things you need to assess during the first meeting.

Lawyer’s availability

Talk to the potential lawyers directly, when you consult. Even find out who will handle the routine aspects associated with your case under the lawyer’s supervision. Find out their communication frequency or how to connect with them if necessary. Their answers must be suitable and put you at ease.

Explanation skills

The answers to your legal questions have to be concise, clear, and easily understandable. Legal jargons make you feel nervous but simple answers give a sense of protection. 

Listening skills

If you feel that the lawyer is not at ease in discussing your case, it is a red flag. You desire a bankruptcy lawyer to consider your perspective about the case and determine a proper approach.

Advice & suggestions

The lawyers recommend some options, which need you to think. If the lawyer’s advice or suggestions make sense, sign a contract. 

Ultimately, the choice of the right lawyer will depend on how comfortable you feel during the first consultation.  


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