What is cannabis distillate?


Cannabis distillate is an oil that is gaining a lot of press these days. It is likely that you may have heard of the mixture called the clear. It is a translucent oil that can be used in vape cartridges, topical items, edibles, and more. 

Distillates is an oil that contains CBD or THC and they have become popular because they are very potent. The product is produced using the terpenes from the original plant. The terpenes are designed to produce the scent in the plant as well as add some of the active effects. The Terpenes can produce a very natural flavor and scent in a cannabis product and in oil, it produces a product that is at least 80% pure cannabinoids. 

Distillate Production

The distillate is produced using a solvent-based extraction of CO2. The process removes the THC and CBD content and allows it to be suspended into a translucent oil. Compounds in the production are separated so that there can be a large amount of active THC. 

Isolate and Distillate

Distillate and isolate are commonly confused. The technique for producing distillate often comes down to producing a product that is potent but still containing a number of broad-spectrum cannabinoids. Isolates are desorbed and ready to use and are usually in a powdered form. 

Using Distillate

The best way to use distillate is to dab with it. A dab pen can be used with the product for a potent boost to your THC dose. You can also consider adding ti into butter or oil for cooking to produce a stronger body buzz through an edible. 

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