Will a VPN protect you on a public WiFi?


VPN services are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Why do people use them? There may be many reasons. A common reason is to unblock restricted websites. There are entertainment websites that are restricted to the residents in certain countries. With a strong VPN like Express VPN, for example, geography is no longer an issue for a user viewing from the ‘wrong’ country. Simply set up your VPN and enjoy a more available Internet. This works well for people from the UK. When they go on holiday abroad, they still like to keep up with their favourite TV shows, but because of rights issues, they may not be able to watch these shows. If they have a VPN service at their disposal, they’ll be able to continue to watch their favourite shows without missing an episode. Apart from access to entertainment, there are a few other great reasons to use a VPN service.

  • Overcome Price Discrimination: There are some services and goods, such as video games, online courses and hotel bookings, available to purchase online. But the cost can vary according to the buyer’s location. A VPN service can help you to overcome this price discrimination.
  • Online Security: Most importantly, there’s the issue of security. Buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency need protection from online hacking. Making purchases and sales with a VPN gives an extra layer of privacy.
  • Public WiFi Protection: A very important use of a VPN service is protection on public WiFi systems. Initially, public WiFi was considered a fantastic service, but the increased incidents of hacking and security failures have made people wary. A good VPN service can protect users of public WiFi from being hacked and tracked. It will encrypt all data, making it impossible for hackers to gain access to sensitive information. In case you’re wondering about this, please remember that it’s important to use a high-quality VPN network that has a lot of recommendations.

What is VPN?

In case you’re wondering what is VPN, here’s a simple explanation. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. That means a special service that you can use to browse the World Wide Web in complete privacy. It can save you from a lot of unwanted advertising. But as we’ve seen, that’s not the only reason to use a VPN. There are security reasons too. This is why a service like Express VPN is a very popular VPN service. It has servers all over the world and is highly recommended by thousands of users.

How Does a VPN Work?

It will mask your IP (Internet Protocol) address so you cannot actually be detected online. Only a virtual IP address is given when you visit a website. It could be from a location you’ve picked yourself or from the most optimal location your VPN has available. This means that neither you nor your online activity can be tracked. So stay secure online and use a high quality VPN.


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