What are the different types of casino bonuses?


Many casinos’ players risk losing money. But in online casinos, losing money is quite rare as most people get free spins and bonuses. The most important thing is to lower all the risks. Likewise, when you learn how to bet on trusted online casino Singapore, it reduces the chances. Bonuses help to boost the wins on your path to becoming effective bettors. There are various kinds of online bonuses in different circumstances. When choosing a casino, it’s crucial to look at the best deposit bonuses. 

Different types of casino bonuses

  • Payment method bonuses

Different payment methods have varying transaction costs. Further, many casinos prefer payment methods for translating lower costs and higher margins. It offers the customer incentives for depositing using favorable methods. For instance, casinos may offer for 15% deposit when you are depositing in bonus. 

  • Welcome bonuses

This is the sign-up bonus for the new players in trusted online casino Singapore. You get it as soon as you enter a new game mode. Welcome bonuses give a direct boost to playing, allowing you to play a specific number of games. Free spins are also called extra spins. These are primarily gotten in video slots. 

Welcome bonuses can range from 50% to 500%. Be aware when you are getting welcome bonuses because they come under specific terms and conditions. A welcome bonus is helpful when you are new to the casino world. 

  • Deposit bonuses

These are also called loyalty bonuses, and it is what the casino rewards you for your royalty. You will be getting a percentage as a loyalty bonus. Likewise, it applies only when you are depositing on certain specific days, like Tuesdays. Many casinos look at the monthly deposits and give the percent, depending on that. You will be getting a monthly bonus for keeping you active. 

  • No deposit bonus

This is one such type of bonus that doesn’t allow you to risk any of your money. Similarly, you can play it without money and at no risk. There are restrictions on playing these casino games. It is for games that come with a lower edge. For instance, a Blackjack is not suitable for this type of bonus. Many casinos also have high wagering requirements when trying to hold onto the money. 

  • Referral Bonuses

A referral bonus is given when you are introducing your friends as new customers. It is also called refer to a friend bonus. The prize is a fixed amount, like $20 for each referral. It comes with the condition that the referrals spend a certain amount before giving the commission. 


Bonuses are beneficial when you are trying to understand the rules of casino games. Further, it helps in boosting your wins while making the play more lucrative. You can now enjoy playing the games at lower risks. Many casinos don’t come with restrictions. At the same time, some casinos require you to play 50 times before withdrawing the bonuses. 

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