Understanding RideshareAccident Injuries in Californiaand Their Impact


Advances in Internet technologies, mobile applications and smartphone innovations made it possible for consumers to gain even more convenience in their daily activities, including transportation. With a few simple clicks or a swipe of a finger, rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have made it possible for usual commuters to book a ride with a private or even a shared vehicle.

Uber takes the largest piece of the pie in the United States with its more than 41.8 million users, garnering shares estimated to reach up to 69% of the market. Lyft is another rideshare provider that services more than 23 million users in 350 US cities, garnering a market share of as much as 35%. These services have made it possible for commuters in large cities like Los Angeles to easily get a ride.

But while these rideshare applications have definitely revolutionized the way commuters get transportation;it also increases the risk of car accidents. The more rideshare vehicles are added on the roads, the higher the risks of accidents occur. Car accidents can be a troublesome thing, but it gets worse when physical injuries like whiplash, burns and broken bones happen.

If you find yourselves in such situations, you’ll probably need a good Uber accident lawyer or a reliable Lyft lawyer to help you out. These lawyers are knowledgeable and are highly skilled to help you get a compensation claim from your rideshare accident injuries. Such accidents are quite complicated, and you’ll need the guidance of a legal expert to help you get required documentation, evidences, testimonials and other items you need to support your claim – and get the compensation you deserve.

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