Tips to Choose the Best Butterfly Knife Trainer


Have you ever heard about a butterfly knife trainer? A butterfly knife trainer is a safer version of a butterfly knife that is also known as a fan knife or Balisong. It is because the blade of a butterfly knife trainer is usually not sharp. This kind of knife is useful and helpful to complete everyday tasks and also ideal to perform tricks. This is why a butterfly knife trainer is getting popular today and many people are into it. For those of you, who want to buy this type of knife, follow these tips below to find the best butterfly knife trainer.

The Material

The first thing you should consider to find the best butterfly knife trainer is the material. Make sure the material used to make the butterfly knife trainer is durable and strong enough to complete any tasks. For your information, materials are the main factor which contributes to the longevity and durability of the butterfly knife trainer. Most blades of butterfly knife trainers are made from stainless steel material so that it does not easily rust. While the handles are made from various materials. The ones that have wooden handles are expensive. If you are looking for more affordable options, choose the ones which are made from plastic materials. But you should know that plastic butterfly knife trainers are less durable.

The Weight and Size

Consider the size of your hands. Make sure the size of the butterfly knife trainer fits perfectly to your hand. While for the length, there is no exact rule about that. Manufacturers usually make the knife in various lengths. The weight of the butterfly knife trainer depends on the size and the material used. Plastic butterfly knife trainers are surely more lightweight than stainless steel ones. But if you use the knife for performing tricks, heavy butterfly knife trainers will be a little bit difficult to move and maneuver.

The Construction

The next thing you must consider when choosing the best butterfly knife trainer is the construction. There are 2 construction types of butterfly knife trainer. The first is the pin construction. A butterfly knife trainer that has a pin construction cannot be adjusted and features permanent pins. The second type is the screw construction. This one has screws so that it is adjustable. This allows the performers to adjust the screws according to their wishes. They can also adjust to change the parts.

The Quality

Another thing that you must never miss in choosing the best butterfly knife trainer is the quality. Make sure the build quality and design quality are fine. If you buy the knife for the first time to practice, you will likely drop the knife often. So, it is important to choose a product that has great build quality. Moreover, make sure the design does not inhibit you to perform some tricks. The fine quality of the butterfly knife trainer should include fine durability. Make sure you can use the knife for a long time.

Those are the tips to choose a butterfly knife trainer.

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