Tips and Tricks to become a better Guitarist


Learning the guitar may seem easy when you start but as you work your way through the basics, the going gets tougher. It takes a lot of practice, patience and smart thinking to get everything right as some chords or songs are a little more difficult to master. Let’s go through some little tricks and tips which will make playing guitar a little easier for you.

  • Easy way to work any note

To play songs, it is imperative for you to identify notes on the fret board swiftly. However, memorizing every single note is difficult which makes it more strenuous. An easy trick is to learn the notes of fifth and sixth strings first. As a beginner it will make things a lot simpler for you. 

  • There exists an easy version of every chord

Some chords are complex for everyone to begin with. Even practice guitarists fail to master certain chords and it is very important to learn your chords since they lay the foundation of everything you will play on it. There are easy versions of every chord. For example, G-chord is one of the most difficult chords. However, the G6 cord produces the same sound make it easier for you to use this instead. This trick is helpful for many beginners. 

  • Silent Rehearsing 

Playing the guitar for a long time can be fatiguing especially if you are practicing for a performance. A really great and efficient way of practicing before a performance is to simply hold your guitar and practice swapping between chords and playing different scales without plucking the actual strings of the instrument. 

  • Rehearse standing up and sitting down

Mostly, guitarists perform while sitting as it is easier to play the instrument while you can see where your hands are moving and the entire fret board as well. But you should not be caught off guard if asked to play standing. Even though it would be difficult at the start since you cannot see what is happening on your guitar, people do get the hang of it. Therefore, it is good to practice to stand up and sit down while performing in order to ensure that you are not caught off guard on stage.  

  • Get a teacher 

A lot of people try to learn on their own or through tutorials and videos available online. However, having a proper guitar teacher is the best way to learn. They are experienced and can even teach you the tips and tricks which we discussed today. So, if you want to become a successful guitarist then you should definitely join a guitar lesson

These were certain tips which you can use to become a better guitarist. However, these aren’t always fool proof, these are just some tricks and tips which can help you if you are consistent with your guitar lessons and are passionate towards the art. Dedication and hard work along with these tips can go a long way for your music career. 

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