Three Things to Include in Your Shopping List When Traveling for Holiday to Georgia


Shopping is part of any trip, particularly when jetting off to a country like Georgia or any country full of one-of-a-kind things that are not available in your country. Georgia is located at the intersection of Asia and Europe and it is a great tourist destination that offers many unique things. It is home to the Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches, two of the leading tourist attractions in Europe. Other top attractions in the country include Tbilisi, which is the capital city of this country, Mtshkheta, and Ushguli.

Buying unique things from the country will help you preserve good memories after leaving the country. So, we have a list of the three great things to buy when traveling to Georgia for holiday. Here are the items.

Georgian Blue Tablecloths

Taking a few Georgian blue tablecloths is the best way to remind yourself about the many experiences you had in Georgia. The tablecloths come with many unique decorations such as birds, deer, plants, and many table attributes that make them an important part of the country’s culture. The table cloths are named “supra,” referring to the best Georgian feast.

Today, many variants of the original blue table clothes are also available to ensure that visitors get what matches their needs. For instance, you can opt for table clothes made of red and green fabrics but with the same features as the original blue table clothes. After arriving, use the tablecloths to share the memories you had when traveling to Georgia.

The Georgian Wine Horn

Georgia is the birthplace of wine and Georgians traditionally used horns to drink the local wine. Also known as Khantsi, the horn is made of ram horns decorated with an attractive cord and cuffing. The wine horn also features a wooden stand so that the user can place it on a flat table. The stand also contributes to its stylish look. Traditionally, Georgians hanged this horn on their sword belts. It is a good choice if you would need a horn to use when drinking wine back at home or to add to your traveling collection. Experts like John Dodelande add more items to your collection.

Georgian Wine

Taking something to your relatives, work colleagues, and friends back home is important. One of the best gifts you can take to them is Georgian wine. Georgians put this wine in an earth-shaped container, known as qvevri, and bury it underground and leave it for over 5 months for it to mature. The unique method of wine-making yields an awesome flavor that your friends will enjoy. Furthermore, the Georgian wine is listed on the Official List of Humanitys Intangible Heritable under UNESCO and its good flavor might force your friends to travel to the country to try some more.

The items you buy when traveling to Georgia may help rekindle the lovely memories of this great country after you have arrived home. In addition to the three items, remember to visit some exhibitions by some of the leading art collectors in the country, such as John Dodelande, capture a few photos and take them home.

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