The Perfect Bookmaker Option for You Now


Bookmakers make money. This is an irrefutable truth, with which we have to live, whether we like it or not. In fact, bookmakers exist just for that. After all, they are companies that, like any others, seek profit.

Of course, this is no reason for good bettors to stop winning. Having good Judi Online methods, following bank management and being disciplined are among the attributes of those who do their part. However, as you will see in this article, houses even win over profitable punters.

So, let’s show you the four methods on how bookmakers make money.

Bookmakers make money from juice

The first way a bookmaker makes money is with juice. That is, the difference between the real value of a given event and the quote offered.

Let’s use an example. Imagine that you are a “home” yourself and will promote a headshot between two friends. Each of them has a 50% chance of winning the bet, right?

So, you combine the game rule with both: each puts R $ 100 and the winner takes R $ 196 (net profit of R $ 96). In practice, it is as if they bet on a 1.96 odd – in which case the fair odd would be 2.00.

Suppose your friend A chooses face and your friend B chooses. You flip the coin and the “expensive” option is the winner. So, you take R $ 196 out of the R $ 200 wagered and give it to the winner. The remaining R $ 4 is the bookmaker’s profit – or, in other words, juice. That is why we said, at the beginning of this article, that houses win even over winning bettors.

Learn how to calculate juice from bookmakers

Calculating the juice of a bet is very simple. Let’s imagine a line of 2.5 goals with quotes of 1.95 for the over and 1.85 for the under. Initially, we will apply the following formula for each of the quotes: 100 / (odd value). In this way, we will have:

  • 100 / 1.95 = 51.28
  • 100 / 1.85 = 54.05
  • So, we add the two results. In this case, we reach 105.33 (which is the result of 51.28 + 54.05).

This means that the house juice in this bet, specifically, is 5.33%. Juice is part of what we call the market scale. It is precisely to maintain it and avoid arbitration that the houses maintain similar quotations. On the contrary, bettors could invest in more than one option in the same market, but in different houses, guaranteeing profit whatever the outcome of the event.


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