The Main Benefits Offered by Pole Barn Homes


Today, the popularity of Pole Barn Homes is growing. Those who are thinking about this type of construction may want to be sure this is the right and best option.

While constructing pole barns with living quarters is not a new concept, it is one that has become more prevalent in recent years. Keep reading to learn some of the biggest benefits of pole barn homes here.

Faster Construction Timeline

From the perspective of the building shell, there is much less framing involved in post-frame construction compared to ones that are stick-built. This results in pole barns not taking as long to be built.

Fewer building materials also means that less labor is required for construction. This means that, in some cases, compared to traditional construction, the building timeline can be cut in half. However, there are some situations that are out of the builder’s hands, such as the weather and cases of a global pandemic.

Lower Foundation Costs

Usually, post-frame homes are built on top of a solid concrete foundation. The only time this does not happen is if the building is being constructed over a basement. Concrete is expensive, which means it is up to the buyer to figure out the must-have features. Some of the factors that are considered in the price include the thickness of the slab, a concrete foundation, and perma-columns. If a basement is eliminated from the pole barns floor plan, it is possible to reduce the bottom line significantly. Also, the money saved can be put toward something else.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When discussing energy efficiency, there is no question that post-frame construction provides serious advantages. The studs with stick-built homes are installed every 16 inches to 24 inches in the center. The gaps provide much less space for the insulation, which also creates room for heat loss. However, pole barn columns are spaced eight feet (or more) apart from each other. Longer spans of spray foam insulation or fiberglass batts can be put between the posts, which results in fewer air leaks or breaks. That keeps heating and cooling costs down in the years to come.

An Open Floor Plan

For high traffic areas in the home, a pole barn can be designed with an open concept floor plan. This means the main areas, such as the dining room, living room, and kitchen, are all open and flow well. Some people enjoy entertaining guests, which means a wider space is the ideal solution. Others just appreciate the openness of this type of space and the many ways it can be used. Since post-frame buildings don’t require any type of load-bearing interior wall, it is possible to create the open floor plan the buyer really wants.

When it comes to pole barn construction, it is important for the buyer to find a builder that can meet their needs. Doing this is going to help ensure the desired results are achieved with the construction of the pole barn. Being informed is the best way to get the quality and durable structure needed for an affordable price.

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