How to Buy an Inflatable Fishing Boat


It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a weekend solo excursion or a family getaway, going out for a little fishing is always a lot of fun. And what better way to get to the fish than with a boat? The trouble is that not many people have a boat that is readily available.

For several years, both freshwater and saltwater fishermen have found inflatable boats to be an attractive alternative to traditional boats. Not only are inflatable fishing boats versatile and portable, but they don’t require much storage space either. In virtually all cases, an inflatable fishing boat is less expensive than a traditional fishing boat. This includes not only the cost of purchasing, but for insurance, maintenance, and storage.

Inflatable Fishing Boat Safety

The first question that most people who consider buying an inflatable fishing boat ask is whether they are safe. Not only are inflatable fishing boats safe from punctures on rocks, branches, and other obstacles, but they are exceptionally buoyant and virtually impossible to capsize due to their low center of gravity.

Inflatable fishing boats and manufactured with a combination of rugged durability, cutting-edge design, advanced technical features. They are every bit as safe, and in many situations, even safer than traditional fishing boats. Although a hard-sided canoe or rowboat may capsize when someone tries to board from in the water, a swimmer can climb aboard an inflatable fishing boat with ease without fear of overturning the vessel.

What Are Inflatable Fishing Boats Made of?

Inflatable fishing boats are made from a variety of materials. These include combinations of polyurethane, neoprene, PVC and others. Most notable is a rubber called chlorosulfonated polyethylene, or CSM. Each of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, but combined they have distinct advantages that can make the difference between an enjoyable day of fishing and one fraught with problems.

There are two basic types of inflatable fishing boats: soft inflatable and hard-sided inflatable.

Soft inflatable fishing boats

Soft inflatable fishing boats have soft sides and no solid floor. These are easy to store and transport. They also inflate and launch quickly. These boats are like dinghies since you do not need to remove the floor for storage.

Hard-sided inflatable fishing boats

Hard-sided inflatable boats are used for fishing. Also known as SBs, hard-sided boats are inflatables designed with a rigid floor made from aluminum, composite plastic, or wood.

For the ultimate in performance and strength, hard-sided inflatable boats feature a V hull. These boats handle rough water and rough treatment very well. They are also excellent at withstanding abrasion and weight of gear.

Inflatable Fishing Boat Prices

You will find a wide of prices for inflatable fishing boats based on the quality of workmanship, materials, weight, size, and style. Fortunately, virtually any feature you could want on a fishing boat, you can have. All you need to do is to keep looking until you find it. Makers also have different features in different combinations. Just keep looking until you find a boat that has everything you need.

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