Staying In Shape


Many of us think that staying in shape requires a strict diet, rigorous workouts and a membership to expensive gyms and personal trainers.

The truth is that staying in shape requires persistence, patience and determination. Of course, you need to work out and eat healthily.

But, you don’t have to empty your pockets to stay in shape and require gyms, expensive equipment or a crash diet.

I have learned from Edmonton’s Ali Ghani, a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, that exercise correlates with every part of the day.

Here are five easy and inexpensive ways to do wonders to your body.

Walk– What if I tell you that you can walk 10000 steps without moving out of your room?  If you struggle with managing time and can’t go out to a park, walk in your room. All you need to do is move around. Take small steps or just stand in one place and move legs like you are walking. Walking may take time in showing you the desired changes, but it is powerful. It improves your health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves your mood for the day ahead.

Run– If you can allow yourself some time outside under the clear sky, then run. Research shows that running every day for even 10 minutes does magic to your body. It tones your muscles and puts them in shape. Like walking, running too reduces heart problems, rejuvenates your mood, and gives you a kick start for the day. You burn a good number of calories by running, and you can see visible results in your body weight and shape soon.

Mini workout– What you do in a gym can be done at home too. The home workout may not be as rigorous and strenuous, but it can help you burn the extra calories and shed some weight. For example- Suspension trainers provide a full-body workout without using much space. These resistance exercises help tone your muscles and build strength and joint stability. You can also use dumbbells, a treadmill or exercise balls to work out on different body parts.

We can learn from business leaders and fitness advocates Ali Ghani and Nancy Greene that adding workout to your schedule is essential to stay in shape.

Zumba & Aerobics– Zumba and aerobic exercises have become people’s favourite choice for losing weight. Unlike gym training that is rigorous and monotonous, Zumba and aerobics are lighter and peppier because of the music and dance movements. You continuously move your body in dance movements that make you sweat, exhaust and help you burn calories. If you like to groove on music beats, these dance workouts will hook you forever.

Cut out on sweets– It can be the most challenging thing to do when all you see around is mouthwatering and tempting chocolates, pies and crunchiest snacks. But, to remain healthy and stay in shape, try to control overindulging in sweets. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day.

Any workout without a healthy diet will not fetch you desired results. Moreover, it can adversely affect your body shape and health in the long run. No matter how you choose to shape your body, stick to a schedule and be patient with your body. 

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