The Gifts and Their Implications


A gift is a sign of bond, a symbol of emotional closeness. It is worth trying a little to give your loved ones the real joy on their faces. And how do you choose the presents? What are you guided by? Maybe it is very difficult for you? Can you accept presents? Because, as it turns out, it’s also not easy art.

Think about how you buy presents? Are you buying a gift quickly without paying any attention to it? Do you celebrate a purchase, carefully thinking about what would please a particular person? Some choose neutral gifts, others fun, personal, practical, others symbolic or sentimental.

What are the gifts for?

Giving gifts not only New Year is accompanied by many feelings and motives. There are altruistic gifts in return for which nothing is expected. There are also those whose goal is the potential gain of the giver. According to the researcher, gifts are most often selflessly given to loved ones, and the farther in the hierarchy of kinship, the more likely the expectation of a rematch.

There are no perfect gifts, intentions count

Gifts are voluntary and spontaneous expressions of feelings. They often reflect the intimacy between the beneficiary and the beneficiary, and indicate their emotional bonds. The basic sense of giving gifts is the desire to please a loved one, prove that we think about her, try to read her desires, make dreams come true. Sometimes gifts are a symbol of respect or recognition or an expression of gratitude. Sometimes, they bring back nice memories. They make you feel important. And their objective value is not always important, because the symbolic value associated with them matters.

Sometimes, however, gifts also hide some expectations of another person. For example, a mixer given to his wife may indicate that her husband expects her to take more care of the kitchen; underwear or perfumes may suggest that she better expose her femininity; teaching aids for a child may hide a suggestion that it should be applied to the learning of a specific subject.

In search of the perfect gift

First of all, you need to have some knowledge about a person, to know their interests. It is worth thinking about what she needs, what would make her really happy (maybe, for example, her husband has been dreaming of a new watch or fishing kit for years, and you give him shirts and ties every Christmas). Does it seem difficult? Not necessarily. All you require doing is watch your loved ones, listen to what they have to say, read between the lines, what they want to tell us. And when choosing a gift, think about their (not yours!) all the time. And in that perspective you must think about vanilla gift card balance as well.

A special kind of gifts are those made by hand (e.g. hand-embroidered napkin for mom, album with photos of children and grandchildren for grandmother and grandfather), because in addition to being unique, they show that we put a lot of work and heart into their preparation. And this is probably the best proof of our memory of loved ones. Sometimes it is much more valuable for the recipient than the gift itself.

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