A Christmas Day Out: A Guide


Christmas is finally approaching, and it is time to enjoy the festive spirit. Whether you are wanting to treat yourself to a day out, itching to create some special memories with your family, or are simply here for the mulled wine stalls, there is so much to do at this time of year.

This piece will serve as a guide for a Christmas day out, giving you some ideas of how you can spend your time to prepare yourself and your Christmas spirit for the big day.

Let’s get into it.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are one of the highlights of the festive season, especially for those who love spiced treats and warming drinks. Choose from toasted nuts, freshly baked doughnuts, plenty of artisan chocolate, and fragrant mulled wine while you browse homemade gifts and unique presents. There are plenty of Christmas markets to choose from around the UK, all offering their own festive twist, so why not visit a couple and make a whole week of it?

Visit Santa’s Grotto

What is a Christmas day out without visiting Santa? If you have little ones who are dying to put their Christmas list right to the man himself in person, then a grotto visit will be just the ticket.

Depending on where you go for these events, you might find they are extremely busy, and parking can be a nightmare. Paired with this and the idea that you might want a couple of glasses of Christmas punch, it can be worth booking a taxi to your destination, so you do not have to worry about the journey.

Contact a premier cab service in advance to get you to where you need to be without any hassle.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of those Christmas classics that can leave everyone falling about laughing. While it may not be for the faint-hearted, you might find comfort in the fact that almost everyone will be in the same boat as you.

Find yourself an ice rink and give it a go. This can also be an excellent activity for children too, which makes it a festive family favourite.

Christmas Dinner

Some say it is not Christmas without a dinner, and others say you can’t just have one. Indulge in a Christmas dinner out to get into the swing of things, with all the trimmings, of course. Not only will you not have to cook, but it will be good practice for the main event.

Those leftover roast potatoes are not going to eat themselves, so you’ll be doing them a favour.

Go Carolling

It is time to put on your best singing voice and hit the streets to sing some Christmas carols! Whether you find an official event for carol singing, head to church for a service, or decide to grace the neighbours with your presence and impressive vocals, singing carols is a wonderful tradition that is only done at this time of year – a great ending to a jam-packed day.

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