Voice Recording Gifts: Making And Preserving Special Memories 


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Voice recordings seem quite outdated, given the current expansion of technology, but there are some areas where they hold sentimental ground as opposed to their video counterpart. For instance, gifting items such as teddy bears and occasional cards. From a young age, we’ve seen recordable teddy bears saying phrases such as “I love you” or singing a verse from a well-known nursery rhyme, and musical cards that play a delightful melody as you open them, but Voice Express makes these items personalised for that extra special touch. 

So, instead of generic recordings that have been heard a million times, you can create something that holds value to both you and the recipient. 

Here at Voice Express, we want to help you make every gifting opportunity as special and memorable as possible, so visit our website and order your voice recording gift of choice!

Teddy Bears And Toys.

In every room of every child around the world, you’ll find some sort of toy collection, whether dolls or stuffed animals, bringing endless fun and entertainment to the children who sleep in those tiny beds. You’ll hear them playing make-believe, giving each of their toys a name and personality that they stick to no matter what. From Bob the beaver to Missy, the multi-winning Texan beauty pageant queen, kids let their imaginations run wild and without borders! 

But, even though children are exceptionally gifted at playing make-believe and making it seem real, it can become boring for them after some time, especially when they outgrow their toys. However, you can reignite their love and passion by giving them a voice-recorded teddy bear that talks back with a single press. With a mini voice recorder, you can teach your kids songs and the alphabet or simply make them laugh with a funny recording that puts a smile on their face time and time again. 

Pillows And Quilts. 

For many people, their beds are their favourite piece of furniture in the house and usually the first place they go to after getting home from a long and tiring day. It’s comforting falling into soft pillows and blankets, like being hugged and absorbed in complete bliss! The moment you lay down, you can feel your body thanking you for giving it a break, your muscles slowly releasing tension and everything easing into a perfect balance of relaxation and restoration. 

All you need now is something that takes that comfort to the next level, like hearing a loved one’s voice or a special song that brings back happy memories and nostalgia that erases the stresses of the day from your mind. Perhaps a pillow or quilt with a voice recorder? 

That’s an excellent idea! Pillows and quilts are the perfect vessels for mini voice recorders, giving people the opportunity to create a peaceful environment to fall asleep in. Whether it’s affirmations, a poem, a song, or a message from someone special, you can add extra comfort to a pillow or quilt and make someone else’s nighttime routine relaxing and special. 

Make Every Occasion Memorable. 

From anniversaries to birthdays and all the celebrations in between, making memories that last a lifetime is the most important thing to remember. Fortunately, that is made much easier with voice recording gifts that make every occasion special, unique, and memorable. From creating sentimental memory bears of passed loved ones to helping your baby sleep at night with a teddy that makes soothing noises or the personalised quilt from the family given to a grandparent in hospital, voice recording gifts prevail as one of the most special gifts you could both give and receive. 

So, if you want to make and preserve precious memories, then our voice-recording gift selections are the perfect solution! Visit our website today to learn more and place your order!


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