4 Of the Best Gifts for Your Loved One in a Care Home


Finding the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for anyone of any age and situation can sometimes be tricky, especially when it seems they already own everything they could want or need.

When your elderly parent, other family members of one of your close friends has moved into a care home, it can be even hider to choose an amazing gift that they will both love and put to use. So, with this in mind, here are five of the best gifts for your loved one in a care home.

  • A Succulent Garden

If, in years gone by, your loved one adored being out in the garden and enjoyed displaying a wide array of beautiful plants and flowers and tending to them all year round, then a gardening-themed Christmas gift would be the ideal one to choose. 

Succulent gardens are easy to care for and need only a small volume of water and absolutely no fertilizer or other chemicals, making them the perfect gift for your green-fingered relative this year. 

  • A Monthly Subscription Box

A truly thoughtful and impressive gift for anyone in a care home or any form of assisted living community would be a monthly subscription box delivered to them every month. 

A monthly subscription box is that proverbial gift that keeps on giving, and you can choose from a huge variety of themes to suit your loved ones’ passions, hobbies, and interests. Alternatively, you could choose an annual magazine subscription instead and treat them to a year’s supply of their favorite magazine. 

  • A Trip to the Coast

Everyone of any age loves to be beside the ocean, and especially if your loved one has mobility issues these days and is unable to travel on their own, then instead of buying them a physical present this birthday or Christmas time, why not take them for a day trip to the coast. It would also be pertinent to point out that prestigious and renowned care homes, such as valeviewheights.com, also arrange day and weekend trips for their residents, so do be sure to check their social events calendar first. 

If their individual circumstances allow for it, you could even stay overnight in a hotel at the coast and have a lovely evening meal too. Making memories with your loved one will be a highlight of their week just as much as it will be of yours. 

  • A Photo Album 

The fourth most thoughtful and truly meaningful gifts on this list for your loved one, male or female and of any age, who is currently residing in a care home is to handpick the best and most hilarious photographs of them and others whom they love and compile them into a beautifully presented photo album.

Any kind of gift based around personal photographs is the perfect present for someone who loves sentiment, and moreover, a photo album will be something your loved one will be able to enjoy again and again. 


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