4 Fitness Apps For The Android Platform You Should Know


To get into shape and shed those extra calories is in the minds of most people. It cuts down the bad things blood pressure, cholesterol etc. and goes on to highlight the feel good factors, muscle along with stamina. Possession of an Android device is not going to help you in any way, but there are a series of apps that make your task a lot easier. These apps have gone on to become good, but shockingly they are a tinge expensive. Let us explore some of the popular Android apps that is available in the market

Runtastic app

This app is one of the finest running apps on the Android platform. In the last couple of years, they have gone on to spend a lot of time in adding to their collection. In this app you will figure out healthy recipes, alkaline water reminders along with a workout planner. Individual apps for cycling, pushing are there at the same time. To round off this app there is a sleep timer app along with an individual time app. Most of them work well as they are tested across all parameters. Though most of them are free, some of them fall under the category of yearly subscription. Numerous fitness apps are part of their set up.

MyFitness pal

This is one among the popular fitness apps on the mobile platform. It goes on to do a bit of everything as you can consider it to be a calorie count app. Even your daily exercise is tracked by this app and little things in the form of sleep tracker and workout timers are provided. But a major loophole with this app is that it is a bit expensive.


This is rated to a popular fitness and an exercise planner app. You can go on to formulate a customizable workout schedule that can run for 6 days a week or for the matter even get you started. There are a variety of activities along with exercises. You can go on to participate like a 5-minute exercise at your office or a full blown up day during the weekends. Though this app is expensive it is flexible at the same time.


This is a tracker app along with a workout trainer. It is going to function for all the fitness training sessions, though a general feeling is that it leans towards body building sessions a lot more. A cross functional platform is provided between the web and the phone. Just log on to the workout sessions, and you will be thrilled at the list of available choices. Opting for a paid version will provide you with more features.

To sum it up these are some of the popular fitness apps. Now if you want to load them on to your mobile phones, you can rely on third party apps like 9apps download which do a great job. This app is available free of cost and does not charge a single penny for downloading.

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