The Back Belt For Back Pain: Are They Useful?


Back pain is one of the evils of this contemporary era: life is increasingly sedentary, less sport is practised since childhood, there are often also overweight problems, and here are all the magical ingredients for back pain. 

Suppose more specific problems are added to this, perhaps due to a herniated disc. A part of the body’s very important, as it also supports the trunk and spine, and will be more or less uncomfortable when there are contractures in the lumbar muscles or incorrect posture in the office. 

To relieve back pain a little, you can use a back belt, so let’s understand what type of products you are talking about and what benefits it has.

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

Back pain is a rather thorny and complex issue, more than you think. Sometimes the pain is only momentary, perhaps due to an effort or wrong movement. Other times, chronic pain is due to specific pathologies, such as a herniated disc or sciatica inflammation. 

Similar to a woman’s period headache or a man’s nighttime insomnia, this pain occurs during certain times of the month. However, some elements tell the story of this disorder: a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, pregnancy, and sport. 

It will therefore be good to evaluate the specific case to understand what type of back pain you have and, from here, evaluate the most appropriate way to deal with the disorder to act not only on the symptom but thus try to eliminate the pain.

However, the most common causes of pain in this area are:

  • A sudden effort,
  • Lifting too much weight,
  • An incorrect position while sleeping,
  • An incorrect posture when standing or sitting,
  • Bags or backpacks that are too heavy, weighing on the back or shoulders,
  • An accident or a sporting problem,
  • Tension in the muscles is also due to stress.

What Are The Benefits Of A Back Belt In Spinal Problems?

Especially in recent years, back belts have become a popular and widely used tool, thanks to the numerous benefits they produce for the well-being of the back area.

Even in the scientific field, we have finally arrived at the shared recognition of the effectiveness of back belts, which can even facilitate reducing or completely eliminating painkillers.

The back belt compresses the muscles in this body area to prevent, for example, the problems of a herniated disc or sciatica. There are different types and models, depending on the problem and need, from curative to preventive to sports.

However, one should note that the benefits are always and only contingent on the proper use of this accessory without abuse.

So, without a doubt, the Vissconext back belt is the best for relieving back pain, but it is not the only one.

It is an excellent aid for those who, for example, spend many hours a day on their feet, such as beauticians or cooks, to protect the back and spine from potential overloads.

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