Private Part Cleaning Tips For Women


It is strange that people still feel very uncomfortable discussing their private part cleaning, even with doctors. It is a taboo subject, and people get embarrassed when they get too involved in discussions about their intimate hygiene. 

Knowing about your intimate hygiene is critical, regardless of age or gender. It is essential to keep your genitals healthy and away from infections.

Your priority should be maintaining intimate hygiene. Below, we’ve provided some private parts cleaning tips for women to maintain their feminine hygiene.

Private Parts Cleaning Tips for Women

  • Wear clean and comfortable clothes.

Always wear clean, comfortable, and well-fitting clothes to keep your private parts dry and clean throughout the day. Avoid wearing tight-fitting garments and choose breathable clothes, such as cotton underwear.

  • Avoid using harsh soaps.

Since your private part has self-cleaning capabilities, avoid using harsh soaps and other products for cleaning it. The skin around the vulva is very sensitive, and using various harsh cleansing products may make it dry. You can rinse the area with clean and warm water during your shower to avoid infections. 

  • Eat a healthy meal

For good vaginal health, including healthy meals in the diet is essential. It helps avoid infections, eliminate odours, and maintain the pH level. Greek yoghurt and cranberry juice have strong anti-infection properties that aid in the fight against UTIs. Water intake, soy products, apples, and avocados all contribute to a diet that encourages natural lubrication and reduces dryness. Other than this, you must include sweet potatoes, almonds, and pumpkin seeds in your diet to maintain good vaginal health. 

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  • Maintain menstrual hygiene

During periods, change your pads and tampons every few hours according to the flow. If you are using menstrual cups, keep cleaning them after use. Once the periods are over, sanitise them by keeping them in boiling water for one or two minutes. Use normal water to wash your vagina every day.

  • Wash with natural ingredients.

Maintaining the pH level is essential for keeping the vagina healthy. Using artificial chemicals may disturb the pH level of the vagina and make it more susceptible to fungal infections. Use naturally occurring chemicals like tea tree oil and lactic acid to help maintain the pH level and keep the vaginal surface smooth and soft.

  • Use public washrooms carefully.

You may have to use public restrooms on several occasions. But if you use them frequently, your chances of getting the infection increase. Therefore, one should be very careful while using public restrooms. You can use portable disinfectants while using public toilets to avoid the risk of infection. 

  • Routine health checkup

Regular visits to your gynaecologist are essential for good health. Some tests, such as mammography, PAP testing, and pelvic examination, should be performed annually to monitor your health. 

Final Words

Maintain a personal cleanliness routine to avoid infections, sweating, and foul odours in your body. Always go for regular checkups, get the necessary vaccines, and follow the tips to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

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