Spirituality Intertwines with Tango – How Did Tango Evolve into A Religion?


Tango is a playful dance style popular all over the world. It stands apart from other ballroom dance styles due to its distinctive flair and ‘stalking’ walking characteristics. This visually exciting and sensual dance is characterized by sharp movements accompanied by a passionate attitude. Tango dancers strongly feel that learning the dance has been life-changing. 

Why isn’t Tango just about fun?

Apart from being fun, it helps in connecting with dance partner/ other people, boosting the romance quotient among couples, staying focused etc. It is therapeutic to the mind. If you are considering taking Tango lessons in Massachusetts, enroll with The Ultimate Tango School of Dance. They are one of the top Tango dance schools in Massachusetts.

They offer both online and private Tango lessons for couples, individuals and groups. They are currently conducting zoom classes for interested people situated all over the world. Once you start classes, you’ll see for yourself how much it helps in boosting your mental health. In fact, Tango is seen as a religion by several Tango enthusiasts.

The religious angle related to Tango:

Tango has been surprisingly transforming lives. For instance, a Vancouver Christian credits Tango to help her wade through cancer and depression. For people like her, Tango isn’t just dance – It is a religious that guarantees a soulful experience. Many Tango dancers who started taking Tango lessons out of pure curiosity were surprised by how it propelled them towards a spiritual journey.

The tango experience is considered out of the world by those who follow Tango religion. There is a Buenos Aires Cathedral exclusively for dancing Tango. Tango enthusiasts visit this cathedral on a regular basis to offer their prayers. They gather wearing respectable clothes during sacred ceremonies. Some wear suits, evening dresses while some like to keep it casual.

Facts about Tango religion:

  • The religion doesn’t have a sacred book.
  • There is no specified process to achieve salvation
  • Confessions are encouraged
  • Tango priests (comprised of both men and women) officiate ceremonies at houses of worship
  • Priesthood has different orders just like in Christianity.
  • Fasting and self-abnegation is practiced.
  • Novice learners are asked to renounce other forms of stimuli – both physical and mental
  • Staunch followers of the religion travel along the globe teaching people about the dance and its techniques and thereby spread their religion. 

Even the Vatican Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio has publicly expressed his admiration towards the dance style. His 78th birthday celebration was a flash mob involving about 3000 tango dancers. Vatican City and Tango dance has a history though. The Vatican’s were in love with the art since a long time.

Even back in the 1800s men used to partner with other men and danced Tango to get rid of homesickness. But Pope Pius X stated that the dance is immoral to Catholics and it was meant for only slaves. Since the 1920s tango was once more popular and it gradually became mainstream culture in Italy.

Today Tango has a loyal fanbase. Tango dancers have an intense admiration towards the dance – For most of them, Tango is a religion.

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