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The criminal lawyer is the one who will take charge of criminal cases. Whether it is crimes or misdemeanors, whether alongside the victims or the alleged perpetrators, it is better to find the best lawyer to ensure a good defense at the bar. This can concern both business criminal law and criminal law in general. He can also intervene in a criminal court, an assize court or an administrative tribunal.

The best criminal lawyer to advise and plead the defense of the client

Unlike civil and private law where the dispute will oppose two legal or natural persons, criminal law concerns an indictment between a person and the company.

The criminal proceedings will reprimand tax evasion, misdemeanors and crimes, contraventions and all cases tried by the police court, the criminal court or the assize court. If the tickets are punished only with fines or confiscations, it should be specified that the offenses can lead to up to 10 years in prison. Using the firm’s penalists is therefore recommended for better assistance before the competent courts.

Lawyers such as Overland Park Theft Lawyer must all provide proof of a certificate of aptitude for the profession of lawyer or CAPA, with 4 years of practice in order to be able to claim this specialty. When a procedure is initiated and you are implicated, he alone will ensure the defense of interests with his perfect mastery of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Please note, it is possible to become a criminal lawyer without following the normal procedure. The candidate can enter it professionally. It is not necessary to have the CAPA for members of the Council of State, magistrates of the Court of Auditors, former lawyers, notaries, bailiffs or even clerks.

The areas of intervention of the criminal lawyer

The role of law firms is to defend victims and alleged perpetrators. Whether it is traffic offenses, embezzlement, tax fraud, abuse of corporate assets, violation of the protection of employee personal data, liquidation, homicides or even fraud and drug trafficking , mergers and acquisitions, the criminal lawyer has many strings to his bow. While the majority of procedures can go by simplified route, during ordinary proceedings, the accused may very well be assisted by a lawyer. This is all the more advisable for proceedings under the criminal court, the assize court, the court of appeal or the court of cassation.

As far as business criminal law is concerned, the list of offenses is long for the criminal lawyer. Conventional offenses such as theft, money laundering, fraud or corruption also apply in the business world. But each law surrounding it, also provide for criminal penalties such as:

  • Company law: abuse of corporate assets, bankruptcy
  • Competition law: abuse of a dominant position, cartel
  • Consumer law: falsification, deception

Stock market law: insider trading or price manipulation

Criminal offenses in business law can be dealt with by criminal courts or independent administrative authorities such as the Competition and Financial Markets Authority.


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