Malayalam Songs Download Are Very Popular Among Young Generation


Everyone gets bored with the same music they listen to everyday- same songs, compositions, lyrics. There are different types of music with different languages. Any form of music is soothing to the ears and everyone enjoys it. Nowadays any form of music and songs are available for the music lovers to hear. They can even search and download them. The best way to get familiar with music is through cinema and in the past few years the musical directors have put the best efforts to contribute in the music industry.

Why are Malayalam songs popular?

The best feature in Malayalam songs is the fact that it mainly focuses on positive feelings. These songs boost up the mood and make one feel great about themselves and life in general. If someone is a not in a good mood or needs to lift up the mood, they can easily listen to Malayalam songs download. The official music video with cheerful scenes also instantly puts a smile on the face. This is one of the main reasons that more people are interested in both Malayalam music and movies. There is another feature about Malayalam songs is that it is created by using traditional Raags and meaningful lyrics. This ensures that it always represents its Origins and at times can we see the magic and culture of the particular state.

Some of the famous Malayalam songs download which are popular

  • Wake up(Masterpiece)
  • Oru Neram Kandillenkil (Hello Dubaikkaran)
  • Roshomon (Solo)
  • Kandittum Kandittum (Villian)
  • KaatilIla (Udaharanam Sujatha)

Playback singers of Malayalam music industry

The music is created exclusive for original films. When it comes to Malayalam music, it all began in 1948 with the movie called Nirmala. P. J. Cherian is the first to introduce playback singing in Malayalam music industry. There are many artists to collaborate on this project and nowadays he is considered to be one of the first playback singers of Malayalam music industry. Previously whenever Indian music and cinema was considered most people thought of Tamil and Telugu when it came to Kerala’s music.

But now with passage of time, Malayalam songs are developing with the use of modern instruments and Malayalam songs download very easy. One of the famous movies that released in 2016 Maheshinte Prathikaaram which had 4 tracks was very successful. The songs had several instruments such as violins, guitars, saxophone, clarinet and sitar.

Malayalam music and songs are known for its happy notes

Even though Malayalam music and songs are known for its happy notes but there are also some serious compositions soundtrack from the 2013 crime thriller movie Memories is a great example. The song “Thirayum Theeravum” is another famous Malayalam song. It’s never too late to experiment with new sounds and tracks. One will start liking and fall in love with the songs if they keep on listening to them. It is an easy task to search for tracks and download them online. Malayalam songs download are now popular worldwide and very famous among millions of people. Everyone can easily access the websites and download the songs according to their choice.

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