Low-cost Carrier vs Full-service flight: Choose Your Domestic Flight Wisely



With airline companies coming out with new exciting flights every next month, we now have plenty of options while booking a flight best suited to our travel needs. Booking a flight which fits in your budget has never been easier. And with a hundred options out there, choosing a flight which suits your travel needs can often become confusing. Keep reading to find a solution to this problem!


Air travel companies try their best to cater to flyers’ needs and provide a smooth and care-free flying experience. Whether you want to book domestic or international flights, several options are available to you at all times. The most common and preferable flight options are low-cost carriers and full-service carriers. Both types of carriers have their own unique features with several benefits and are designed to fulfil frequent flyers’ needs. A frequently asked question is which flight is better suited for domestic travel; here is how you can compare.

In-Flight Meals

While a full-service airline includes in-flight meals and beverage in your ticket price, a low-cost carrier, will require you to pay extra if you want to have an in-flight meal or beverage. If you don’t wish to eat during a flight or wish to choose your meal option once in the flight, opting a low-cost airline might be a better idea. On the other hand, choosing a full-service carrier will allow you to remain stress-free as the meal is automatically provided to you in the flight.

Leg-Room Space

One significant difference between a full-service airline or a low-cost carrier is the leg-room offered. Full-service carriers offer better legroom making them more preferable for a comfortable journey. However, you can get some seats with bigger leg-room on low-cost carriers by paying a little extra for such seats.


Apart from the extra leg-room, full-service carriers are also known for offering some extra and slightly better amenities such as better-cushioned seats, viewing screens (in some airlines), and blankets for long-haul flights. While low-cost carriers do not provide these, you can get some of these amenities at an extra cost while booking your flight tickets.


Many airports around the world have two or more terminals or more than one airport entirely. Some airports usually dedicate a separate terminal to low-cost carriers, whereas full-service airlines enjoy a more premium terminal leading to a smoother travel experience. For instance, a Go Air or SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Delhi will mostly land you in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. However, an Air India or a Vistara Mumbai to Delhi flight will bump you to Terminal 3, the best of all terminals in Delhi.

What to Choose?

While a full-service carrier offers better comfort, a low-carrier airline makes up for it in the price. Thus, it is essential to make a full comparison as you can add some or more of these services, even in a low-cost carrier as an add-on while booking your flights.

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