What makes a great subscription box?


When you think of subscribing to a box service, you typically want to fill a need. You also want to choose the best value for your money. So what traits provide a great value and show that the company provides a well-thought-out subscription box?

Seven Traits of a Great Subscription Box

  1. The box serves an active, engaged community. The topic, such as coffee, has aficionados and a plethora of related supplies.
  2. The subscription box serves a niche that will continue to exist. Humans will likely continue to drink coffee in perpetuity.
  3. The subscription provides discovery value. You can try something new each month or quarter by receiving it.
  4. The subscription fills a habitual need. Coffee lovers run out of grounds regularly, and this requires replenishment.
  5. You could conceivably give an item from the box as a gift or give a subscription to the box as a gift.
  6. The subscription should provide emotional value. In the coffee example, the grounds might be sourced from fair-trade purveyors or small farms, thereby appealing to small business supporters and ethical individuals.
  7. The box also should provide lifestyle value. For example, most coffee drinkers consider their way to start the day a way of life.

coffee subscription is an excellent gift to yourself or to a loved one who enjoys a hot mug of coffee in the morning. You’ll love the variety that a coffee subscription box provides, as there are many coffee accessories and trinkets that any coffee lover will enjoy trying out and adding to their coffee routine. Plus what coffee drinker wouldn’t love trying out some new and unique coffee blends?

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