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There is indeed a difference between need and want and when we manage to separate the two, life suddenly becomes much healthier, much simpler and much less expensive.

You need a roof to protect you, but you don’t necessarily need a tennis court attached to your veranda. You need a vehicle to get around but not necessarily a luxury car, we could multiply the examples. But as simple as your needs are, money is one way to get them. And that is the root of the problem, our society is built on an economic system where money plays a preponderant role. You can read the Evergreen Wealth Formula review and have the best solution.

In itself money is not essential but it is the basis of all the exchanges that take place at every moment of our life. And because of this central place in our lives we come to confuse two things, the value of money and the benefits of money. Indeed, most of the time we consider money to have value in itself and we combine that with the benefits they bring to our society. But in itself, all this is very subjective because money becomes indispensable only because of the model in which we live.

And if we were less sensitive to the easy promises of our society we could probably live very well without money.

Money and lifestyle

The image of wealth and success, which is especially peddled by the media, is a facade that sells you easy promise. You do not believe me?

Did you know that most wealthy, really wealthy people ultimately have very simple lifestyles? Do you know, for example, that Warren Buffet – the third largest fortune in the world – still continues to live in the house he bought with his wife when he was 20 years old? Elton Musk, the founder of Paypal, now prefers to invest in space projects rather than spending his nights in a club. Not to mention the outfits of Steve Jobs, the former founder of Apple, in a simple sweater and jeans. And there are still many examples of billionaires who maintain a simple style of existence.

Obviously their life is much, much, much easier than yours (or mine for that matter). But in fact only two things will really change when you are very rich:

All the necessary expenses will become completely painless for your budget. Housing, transport, clothing, health, education, food all this no longer weighs on your expenses at all. In other words, everyday problems are no longer your concern.


Whatever you want, you can have it bigger, bigger, more comfortable plus whatever you want. And it is also on this second aspect that the difference is often played out between the billionaire “bling-bling” who will make the front page of the press people, real great fortunes which are rarely the subject of television reports. . Some no longer know how to spend their money, others have a simpler life. The former are envied while the latter can easily meet their needs and take care of what interests them.

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