Increase Your Chances of Winning by Learning the Game of Carrom


Carrom is popular all over the World, particularly in different parts of South and SouthEast Asia. Carrom got a lot of popularity all over the world in recent times. If you are one of them who loves to play the exciting game of carrom or you want to start playing carrom, this article is for you. 

Here we will explain various vital things related to carrom and the essential black and white carrom rules on GetMega App, which will increase your chance of winning by learning the carrom game. Carrom have a lot of rules and variations, however, there are certain standards which are laid out by the International Carrom Organization, which is used by the professionals to play the game of carrom. Let’s know some of them below. 

Equipments Used In Carrom 

Carrom is played on a wooden square board, having holes on each of its corners. Usually a net covers the underside of the four holes present in the carrom board. The dimension of the carrom board is approximately 29 inches. The edges of the carrom board are enclosed by a wooden beam. 

There are a total 18 pieces present in a carrom board. In these 18 pieces, nine are black and another nine are white pieces. It also has another red piece known as the “Queen.” The flat wooden black and white pieces are slightly smaller than the Striker. 

Carrom Rules

In a carrom game the players who select the white piece usually start first. Each player sits opposite to each other and tries their best to put the pieces present in the carrom board into the holes present in the corner of the board. When a player successfully puts all his or her pieces into the pocket, they are declared the winner of the game. 

While playing each player always tries to cover the Queen as covering a queen and putting one of the chosen pieces into the hole gets them a bonus point. Getting these crucial bonus points are important as they are needed to win any carrom game.  

When you put any of your selected colour pieces along with the queen into the hole, you get another chance to strike. Like these you can win bonus points and get multiple strikes at once. So in a carrom game Queen is the central piece each player aims for. The more a player successfully covers a queen the more chance they get to win a game of carrom. 

Objective of a Carrom Game

The objective of a carrom game is pretty straightforward. Each player tries their best to drop all their selected pieces into any of the foul holes to get points and win the game. Putting the pieces into the hole is known as Pocketing in carrom. There are certain things such as “covering the queen” etc. which a player can perform to increase his or her chance of winning a carrom game by winning bonus points. 

Why Should You Learn the Game of Carrom?

As mentioned before, carrom is a very popular game all over the world. When you decide to play this wonderful game having black and white carrom rules, you may find yourself clueless if you don’t know some basic rules and terms about the carrom game. When you play the carrom you may often come across various terminologies which may seem new to you just like “covering the queen” we have mentioned above. 

When you give your effort and try to learn some basic terminologies and rules for yourself then it becomes fun and more enjoyable to you. After all, carrom is a very straightforward game to master, having black and white carrom rules. Some of the important terminologies you must be aware of are given below. 

  • Striking: Striking means when you try to pocket any of your selected pieces into a hole by using your fingers. 

  • Covering: Covering is a technique when you try to pocket the queen and try to get the bonus point. When you have very few of your selected pieces present in your board, you should also aim for the queen so that you can win bonus points and finally the game. 

  • Foul: When you don’t follow any of the carrom rules then you commit a foul. 

  • White & Black Slam: Just like a grand slam in baseball, when you pocket all the white or black pieces in one go, then it is called a White or Black Slam. White Slam is when your selected colour was white and Black Slam is when your selected colour was Black. 

Final Note

So these are some of the essential black and white carrom rules to know to increase your chances of winning a carrom game. If you have any questions related to any carrom rules, and then kindly put your queries in the comment section below. 

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