How Does Scalene Shycocan’s Device Fight Against Coronavirus


The Scalene Shycocan is a highly potential device in neutralising and combating coronavirus. Besides, it has been highly beneficial for consumers, and numerous licensees of Scalene have manufactured this generic device.

Out of all the effective COVID safety devices, Scalene Shycocan is probably the best. It is primarily because of the exquisite world-class technology that can seamlessly deactivate harmful viruses and airborne diseases.

Moreover, the attenuation device makes a direct impact and almost destroys every virus. In a nutshell, the Scalene Shycocan makes the space 99.994% free from coronavirus. That’s exactly how a place becomes sterile and can be occupied for further usage.

Today, this article is here to reveal how Scalene Shycocan helps in fighting the coronavirus. Please read from tip to toe and learn more about the same. Let’s begin.

Overview of Scalene Shycocan Disabling Coronavirus

Here’s how Scalene Shycocan provides aid in disabling the COVID-19 virus by neutralising its positive charge in real-time:

  • Step 1

Once the Scalene Shycocan is powered on, the device starts producing high-intensity photons.

  • Step 2

Next, the high-intensity photons strike the solid surfaces that are present within the room. It is capable of reaching out to surfaces like chairs, tables, walls, etc. And soon, it starts emitting electrons.

  • Step 3

As the Scalene Shycocan is being operated continuously, the emitted electrons automatically start forming a cloud within the enclosed room.

  • Step 4

Furthermore, the electrons thoroughly get attached to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is present within the room. Next, the electrons neutralise their positive charge and make the virus ineffective. In a nutshell, it prevents the prevailing virus from infecting any other person present within the room. This procedure is typically known as attenuation.

To Conclude

Scalene Shycocan has the potential to disinfect 1000 sq. ft. in one go. Also, this plug-and-play device can be easily installed with the assistance of any electrician.


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