Sharpening Arithmetic Skills – My Experience With A Math Tuition Centre


The idea of forcing things upon my child does not sit well with me, especially since I value the importance of passion and finding what resonates with you the most. However, a non-negotiable for me is sharpening the arithmetic skills of my child, regardless if they wish to pursue a technical career in the future or a creative one. With this, let me share why I still looked for a math tuition centre in Singapore despite my child expressing an affinity for creativity and arts, which I have approved of, of course.


Learning math goes beyond processing complex equations and knowing how to solve problems. In fact, people from the sciences, liberal arts, visual, engineering, and many more need these skills depending on what they are doing for their academics or careers. With that, I immediately convinced my child to join a primary math tuition centre in Singapore because I told them that it also has a connection with creativity and arts. Also, I emphasised that I am not pressuring them and can quit or give up when they feel like it is not for them.


While I do not fancy the idea of tiring my child to the core and burning them out, additional learning is always a good idea, assuming they are interested and have the motivation. In my case, I was glad my child was not a headache because they were willing to attend classes and learn more ideas about math, but, of course, there were times they felt lazy, which I thought was normal for a primary school student. (Tip: Never force your children because it will affect their mindset and potentially your relationship with them.)


Lifelong learning is what most parents fail to realise because they often focus on the present. For instance, if their child is not into mathematics and numbers because they are more interested in sciences and natural phenomena, they immediately put it aside, which is somehow wrong because numbers are and will always be relevant to all subject matters. So, even if my child is still in their formative years, I knew attending an e math tuition centre in Singapore would bring something positive.


Not just for secondary math tuition programmes in Singapore, but almost all learning facilities promise to develop collaborative skills that help the student know how to deal with different personalities and accomplish group outputs. Aside from that, it serves as a fun way to meet new people and make friends because one does not confine themselves to their family or immediate social circles. (Tip: If you notice anything odd about your child’s social skills, you can contact a separate expert who can assess them or provide guidance in shaping this skill.)

I will always put a premium on mathematics because they are relevant to almost all subject matters in society. With that, I have trusted CalibreMath because of its offerings, and I will always be happy with the results. Visit their website to learn about their math tuition programmes or anything you wish to know. 

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